Family doctor 24 hours a day, every day? It can be done, here’s how. The proposal of the Fimmg Lazio


The proposal of the family doctors’ union for a new model was presented on Saturday in Rome that brings all the initiatives that have been present in the area into operation for years and aims to guarantee widespread assistance throughout the territory through the maintenance and networking of medical studies in coordination with the Community Houses. THE DOCUMENT

NOV 14

A new model that collects and optimizes all the initiatives that have been structured and implemented over the years, together with those undertaken in the period of COVID. A set that optimized, will give rise to a new type of assistance in which the citizen will be able to have uniformity in the services provided and more prompt responses. The proposal for a regional supplementary agreement for the Region’s General Medicine was presented Saturday morning at the Fimmg Rome and Lazio headquarters at EUR. A proposal which, however, could also be exported to other regional realities

We talked about the primary care units born years ago of the primary care clinics on the day before holidays, Saturday and Sunday, the continuity of assistance from the former medical guard, laboratory diagnostics such as swabs, vaccinations and home care, also taking into due account the capillarity and difficult realities such as isolated countries or peripheral areas, all with an eye to new communication technologies by reorganizing a new front office reception system. “In short – explain from Fimmg -, a revision with a new optimized concept of family medicine in the area, to respond, rationalizing, to the needs of the citizen”. The councilor for health of the Lazio Region also took part in the event Alessio D’amato which supported the initiative by declaring the opening of a bargaining table since Monday to bring about the signing of an Agreement that will make it operational when proposed.

Local services:

Vaccinations (influenza, Sars-CoV 2, Pneumococcal, Herpes Zoster, tetanus, HPV) 1st level outpatient diagnostics: swabs, analysis for the control of the main corneal diseases: creatinine Hb Glycate, indices of inflammation, blood count, etc. etc.

1st level instrumental tests (spirometry, ecg, ultrasound, etc. Provided directly or via telemedicine).

Taking charge of the chronic patient by revisiting the PDTAs starting from the AFT / UCP in Hub / spoke connection with the community houses.

Primary and continuity assistance for all patients of the associated doctors Network connection, through application cooperation with the management of GPs and PLS in addition to the information systems of the regional health service and the ESF

screening campaigns: delivery of the test tube for fecal SO, execution of a rapid test for HCV, invitation to perform mammography, pap tests and more.

The Fimmg proposal also talks about the creation of a single issue of general medicine with detailed information relating to the individual AFT and the answers it can give to citizens: timetables, methods of providing ordinary and non-postponable services, to whom and how to contact in study closing times (continuity of assistance) in accordance with 112 and other regional and company telephone numbers.

Continuity of assistance and single role

Continuity of care will be guaranteed in the context of the AFT, which will also assume the role of listening center for the affected user base, guaranteeing the services provided for by the new ACN, each AFT will be able to perform the functions of Ambufest in this way it will be guaranteed effective continuity of care for all citizens of Lazio. (Where this is not possible, holidays and days before holidays will be insured within the district)

The unique role between primary care physicians on a capital fee and doctors on an hourly basis will have to guarantee, through a single negotiation, the uniform application throughout the regional territory of the LEA of general medicine, for this purpose the duration of the hourly coverage of continuity of assistance will be determined. in relation to the availability of available funds, the employable workforce and territorial needs.

The AFTs will have to guarantee the execution of the first level services necessary for taking care of chronic patients, medical studies will be maintained to ensure the maximum proximity of general medicine to citizens, community houses will therefore represent the hubs where to concentrate equipment and the health personnel necessary for the execution of the pdta. The best ways to cover the territory will have to be identified, also in consideration of the relationship with the emergency and first aid departments

Night and weekends. The continuity of assistance during the night on holidays and the day before holidays will be guaranteed with general practitioners on an hourly basis assisted by doctors with a low number of choices, until the ceiling is reached, as well as by doctors who wish to integrate the fiduciary relationship. u This service is linked to the treatment units, AFT / UCP, integrating between doctors’ offices, community and health homes in order to guarantee coverage by the same team of doctors u Each UCP / AFT should have a doctor who guarantees continuity assistance to the extent of 1 doctor every 8

“The citizen would therefore have a referring doctor who would in turn be protected by being aware of the patient’s clinical problems by sharing the medical records of the association form. This reshaping of the role of the hourly doctor may include prevention, screening, vaccination, first-level instrumental services and would allow entry into the fiduciary relationship after the termination of other GPs who are members of the same association “, concludes the Fimmg.

November 14, 2022
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