Favorites for the Cannes Film Festival win


Favorites for the Cannes Film Festival win
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from Valerio Cappelli

Today the winners of the Cannes Film Festival. Among the favorites are the early stories of “Armageddon Time” by James Gray and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, then Kore-eda Hirokazu. Among the actors, the teenager from “Close” (revelation film of the last few days)


They say to the jury president Vincent Lindon enjoyed it very much
Armageddon Time

. The Palms are awarded tonight and that’s a movie that speaks to the heart where James Gray tells a lot about himself, about his adolescence in New York in the 80s, with a grandfather, Anthony Hopkinsthat everyone would like to have, including racism, Reagan, parents with closed horizons and a close friend who can remember Candlewick. But the tailored suit for Cannes seems to be Les Amandiers

(French production with a small Italian participation) where ours Valeria Bruni Tedeschialso in the same 80s, evokes the shaman director Patrice Chéreau whose theater school she attended, and therefore love for actingseen through the eyes of a pair of pupils.

Among what emerged in the meantime, the organization of the Festival attracted the Belgian directors of the Italian film “The 8 Mountains” with Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi, based on the novel by Paolo Cognetti. Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch have therefore arrived in Cannes: it is not known for what recognition and the hope is that it will not be a call without a prize as it did years ago. No recognition would instead go to Mario Martone’s Nostalgia with Pierfrancesco Favino.

If the criterion were purely cinephile, the Golden palm should go to Broker by Kore-eda Hirokazu, the Japanese director traveling to Korea who has with him Song Kang-Ho (the extraordinary Korean actor of Parasite, the Asian answer to the Showman by Vittorio Gassman

), story of a kind of extended family who finds himself selling one of the many abandoned children in the so-called Baby Boxboxes for babies: abandonments and finds, a mother runaway who needs money and one policewoman at his heels.

They also find a place in the race Boy from Heaven by the Swedish director of Egyptian origin Tarik Saleh, a corrupt restlessness that suggests the Regeni case, Ruben Östlund for Triangle of Sadness
catastrophic cruise in a merciless sarcastic fresco sui misdeeds of capitalism where yes overturn social classes, almost a remake from Overwhelmed by an unusual fate by Lina Wertmüller.

And the Italians? In this edition full of old masters but by the hiccup quality one still hopes for Nostalgia with which Mario Martone returns to the race afterwards Troubling love in 1995, Pierfrancesco Favino returns to the womb of Naples rediscovering places, codes and a past that devours him; there is a scene where he picks up his very old naked mother he looks like The pity
of Michelangelo upside down. Favino could win La Palma as best actor, also as compensation for the failure to award him extraordinary Buscetta The traitor
by Marco Bellocchio.

But as actors they were very impressive two teenagers: Michael Banks Repeats “by” James Gray and Eden Dambrine starring Close
by the Belgian Lukas Dhont (the delicate touch of the director of Girl
), all played on nuances of a youthful male friendship, of hidden feelings that take shape by changing as the bodies of a teenager change, and of one unexpected tragedy. The French, lovers of paradox, focus on Benoit Magimel, already winner in 2001 for The pianist
by Michael Haneke, father of a daughter had by Juliette Binoche: the fact is that his filmPacification
by Spaniard Albert Serra was scrambled like an omelette, and not for its length (2 hours and 45 minutes); there is a scene where Benoit, a diplomat in French Polynesia, for 5 minutes scan the horizon with binoculars and the only moving image is a lone sparrow.

As an actress, the young Nadia Tereszkiewicz by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, or Emilie Dequenne, mother of the more ferocious pain in Close. Out of the game, in the most coveted range of awards, it seems to be the most anticipated film,Crimes of the future

of the visionary David Cronenberga type of autopsy lesson guts in hand: the director himself says he understands the viewer that abandons the room before the last scalpel cut. The Toto premi is a game whose rule is the absence of rules, where the jury president depending on the charisma and the character is “democratic” or “dictator”, where often in discussions the nationalism and films are awarded that they do not arrive in theaters.

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