Fear for Alessia Marcuzzi: “I thought I was going to die, Francesco Facchinetti’s wife saved me”


Fear for Alessia Marcuzzi: “I thought I was going to die, Francesco Facchinetti’s wife saved me”
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On Sunday DJ Francesco and ex-partner Alessia Marcuzzi in the company of their respective spouses and children met in London to spend a carefree family dinner. What was supposed to be a fun night out quickly turned into a nightmare. Alessia Marcuzzi risked dying of suffocation. To save her life, as the Roman presenter herself writes on Instagram was Wilma, the wife of her ex Francesco Facchinetti.

The story of Alessia Marcuzzi

“Last night Lady Facchinetti (Wilma Faissol ed) saved my life. No, it’s not a joke to make Francesco Facchinetti angry, it’s the truth”. Thus begins the post of the presenter who continues explaining what happened: “We were in a restaurant in London and while I was eating, a piece of octopus got stuck in my windpipe. I could no longer breathe, I got up and started rolling my eyes and asking for help. Paolo and Tommy tried to free me by hitting me on the back , but nothing “, her husband Paolo Calabresi and eldest son Tommaso Inzaghi promptly rushed to the rescue of the Roman woman, but there was nothing to do and Alessia fell into a state of shock fearing she would die:” Panic. really dying, I could no longer understand anything, when Wilma took me from behind and squeezed me tightly, giving me a strong blow on the sternum upwards ”.

“Suddenly I spat out that big piece that was blocking my breathing and that was completely intact, and I started swallowing again. All this within two minutes in front of all the people in the restaurant who didn’t understand what was happening to me. I turned around, hugged her very tightly and told her moved, “You saved my life. I will never forget it.” It’s true, I will never forget Wilma. extreme suffering to a total liberation and I realized that it could go very badly ”, Marcuzzi said on social media, explaining how Faissol, who has a past as a surgeon, performed the Heimlich maneuver on her.

The importance of the Heimlich maneuver

A common episode that can happen to everyone, continues Alessia: “This is what often happens if we eat something very soft and soft and don’t chew well, or it simply slips down because we are talking. And unfortunately sometimes the worst happens. Wilma took the emergency course when she was studying in America and yesterday she had the readiness and the ability to do the Heimlich maneuver in a few seconds ”. After the unpleasant accident, the Italian presenter also promised herself to learn the technique to perform the Heimlich maneuver, a simple gesture that can save life: “And I promised myself to learn it, because you can really save the life of a person in short while. And this is a great day (after) for me and I’m really grateful to this woman ”.

The new partner of the former partner

Marcuzzi still wanted to thank the new partner of the ex-partner proving very grateful to the woman: “Yes dear Lady, this post is all yours, since yesterday I have kissed and hugged you and I would continue to do so for hours, also because you are pure a great hottie! PS Anyway tell the truth, you did it also because without me you would have had to put up with that colorful guy even more, and this is not good and right. Thank you so much, forever “, concluded Alessia. what ends well is good.


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