Ferrari Purosangue already sold: the prices


Ferrari Purosangue already sold: the prices
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We attended the presentation of the new and very first Casa Ferrari SUV just two days ago, on the evening of Tuesday 13 September. A few hours after its debut, the Prancing Horse brand has already reached a large number of orders for its first SUV-coupé, so much so that soon it may already be sold out. The privileged buyers will be people who are already Ferrari customers, then the House will organize itself to satisfy the needs of others.

The success of the Ferrari SUV

We did not expect it and perhaps not even the manufacturer believed in such a success, or at least not in such a short time. Yet in these hours they have arrived many orders for the new creation of Ferrari, just born and presented on September 13, just two days ago. It may already be sold out soon, given how things are going. The new Thoroughbred already appears to possess the status of Most important Ferrari of recent decades, as the experts have stated.

Who knows if we could really say in a few days “sold out”, in the meantime, however, there are many interested customers, and according to the Maranello company – in addition to aesthetics – the choice that the public preferred was undoubtedly to have equipped its high-wheeled supercar with a V12 engine, which is practically the trademark of the most prestigious berlinettas of the car manufacturer among the best known in the world.

Ferrari Purosangue: the statements

Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, told Automotive News in the past few hours: “Ferrari risks not being able to meet demand for the Purosangue. Maybe we will be forced to close the order book very soon ”. No precise numbers were provided, but it was enough to know that requests for the first Maranello SUV began even before the official revelation, already four years ago, exactly in September 2018.

It seems incredible, but it’s true, the customers (especially the aficionados of the brand) were waiting for nothing else and did not want to risk not being among the first buyers of the Purosangue SUV. With the official announcement of the start of the car production, orders literally exploded (last May) and in fact, as can be understood from the statements of Galliera, they surprised even the company exceeding all expectations and predictions of Ferrari. It is not a limited edition model, so what happened is quite unusual, considering that it is an expensive and exclusive car, which will be produced in thousands of units every year.

Most likely, according to the estimates of the House (which produces about 15,000 copies per year) they will be built approximately 3,000 units of the Purosangue SUV each year, without going beyond the maximum limit of 20% of the total production. The company choice is considered and has the great objective of maintaining the exclusivity of the model, while preserving the core business of the Prancing Horse, which focuses on the creation of spiders and coupes.

Enrico Galliera actually added: “We have a commitment with our customers, to maintain the exclusivity that has always distinguished the brand. Despite the demand, we will keep control of the production volumes, staying true to our DNA ”. Opposite strategy compared to brands such as Lamborghini and Aston Martin (for example) which today instead have SUVs in the range that literally drive sales. The first buyers who will receive the new Purosangue, which costs 390,000 euroswill be the brand’s already customers, as confirmed by the company itself.


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