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Few bands exist like Pearl Jam |  Rolling Stone Italy
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We can also turn around as much as we want, say that everything is back as it once was, but there is little to do: enter a boundless area surrounded by sixty thousand people, the largest audience ever in our country for a Pearl Jam concert. , initially frightening. On the other hand, among the many things bequeathed to us by two years of forced enclosure there is also this: the idea that the concept of the unimaginable has radically changed at the synapse level. Now nothing really seems impossible to us, especially in the negative sense. Having said that, it takes a few minutes for our brain to settle on a less dramatic “well now that we are here, we can do little” and allow that blessed removal capable of not letting us spend an evening prey to post agoraphobia anxiety.

I’ve always looked to Eddie Vedder as Bruce Springsteen’s natural heir, imagining him alternating between albums with the band and solo records. Just like Bruce, however, it is only live that you realize how much his solo adventures are just escapades without sentimental aftermath. And it has nothing to do with the quality of the albums, honestly now under the expectations of both the Pearl Jam and the solo ones, but it’s just a matter of attitude, elective affinities and boundless love for one’s audience. Someone also wonders if, philosophically, the Pixies shouldn’t be there to close the evening and not them, but they are simple provocations. It is one thing to recognize its importance, another to lose touch with reality.

The truth is that there are few bands left like Pearl Jam, the last link between the golden age of rock n roll and ours, which seems to have broken bridges capable of uniting three generations and which had allowed mine to love and be able to listen to Pink Floyd as well as the Sex Pistols or the Ramones without prejudice, effectively eliminating preconceptions related to the past. Here, today Pearl Jam represent just that, the last bastion of a culture that started in the sixties and brought coherently and with credibility to the present day. Without the need to take cloying drifts like Bono Vox, but still managing to maintain that status that we have recognized for thirty years (not surprisingly, one of the first positions of the evening is precisely against the recent havoc perpetrated against American women).

In this sense, Pearl Jam not only represent our E-Street band, but our Who, our Ramones, as well as the survivors of a historical moment that, just like the heroes of punk, has seen all its protagonists. fall like flies. Above all live, Pearl Jam have always had a characteristic that may seem obvious, but which is not obvious: that of knowing how to console their audience. If the catharsis of bands like Alice In Chains or Nirvana had to inevitably pass from excruciating pain, that of Pearl Jam has always worked in the opposite direction. And it is not just about the issues dealt with, often theirs too painful, but about the way to deal with them.

Precisely for this reason, the Imola mega rally resembles only to a certain extent the ones we have been seeing regularly in the last few weeks. Here you can’t just feel the desire to go back to doing the things of the past, perhaps done with the same boredom with which they were often done in the pre-covid era. Here we need to be healed, almost on a shamanic level. It is not simple entertainment, two hours to forget for a moment of what we live every day, in front of a band that plays on autopilot and recovers a cachet suspended for two years. Who takes the money and runs away. Here the feeling is that the band benefits the same from us.

As with all today’s concerts, inevitably, the lyrics of the songs end up impregnated with new meanings and you realize once again the universality of musical language, which is born as a plot to change through one’s own sensitivity and that of the time in which is played. However, it is on the notes of Alive who, today more than then, fully understand all these concepts. Born from a biographical episode, she will always leave a feeling of comfort, revenge and very strong aggregation. It is only in this way that, magically, Pearl Jam succeeds in the miracle of restoring dignity to the word gathering. And, in some way, even to that of unimaginable.

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