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Fiat 500 is one of the most iconic cars in history, whose appearance is known to all, right? Yet one like this you’ve never seen.

The Italian car manufacturer is closely linked to the model Fiat 500. When you read such a sentence, you rightly think of the success achieved by the model marketed since 1957, but the truth is that that was only the third version of this iconic car. The first Fiat 500 dates back to 1915 and was a concept car created by Fiat that never put wheels on the road. The first 500 to end up on the market and win the hearts of Italians was the “baby mouse“, whose real name, however, was precisely that of the iconic car known throughout the world.

Fiat 500 –

So we arrived at the revolution of ’57, when the “new” 500 took advantage of the economic boom to become the best-known Italian-made car in the world. Unlike the “Topolino”, which was a sedan, this new incarnation was a small car, a perfect car for city travel, suitable for any kind of buyer, also given the more modest price at which it was sold. The success of this model has been global and it is no coincidence that the Turin car manufacturer chose this model to lead the company’s relaunch in 2007.

Everyone will also clearly remember the 90s version of the 500, a car designed with the same characteristics as the original (handling and practicality) but with an uninspired and successful design and above all burdened by mechanical and electrical problems that have precluded its place in the heart Italians. The 2007 versionthe basis of the current models, recalls the historic ’57 version in shape, but offers a series of equipment in step with the times and a decidedly superior workmanship to the model that preceded it.

You’ve never seen a Fiat 500 like this before

You've never seen a Fiat 500 like this before
Original cockpit of the 1957 Fiat 500 –

Part of the charm of the 1950s Fiat 500 is also linked to the Abarth version. As car enthusiasts will know, the Abarths are Fiat cars in a sports version, therefore those that aesthetically recall the most successful models of the car manufacturer but which under the bonnet hide a much higher power and mechanical components that improve their performance on the road . The Abarth version of that model is iconic and car collectors would do anything to have it in their collection.

But what if we told you that the abarth isn’t the most powerful version of the Fiat 500? Don’t believe it? The version we are talking about is obviously not created by Fiat, it is a restored and upgraded version of the original model, created by a tuning enthusiast who is now willing to sell that little masterpiece that he has managed to create. The body has been suitably modified with pieces of the Civic R-Typeto allow the enlargement of the wheel arches and therefore the installation of thicker wheels and which would allow greater traction and better stability.

You've never seen a Fiat 500 like this before
Fiat 500 tuned by 191 horses, Ferrari red color –

Obviously the engine has also been modified, indeed replaced, precisely with that of the Honda Civic R-Type, the 191 horsepower B16B Type-R. Further modifications have been made to the braking system, a second petrol tank has been added which holds over 30 liters of petrol, the seats, pedals and steering are borrowed from racing cars and even the paintwork has been changed. In fact, the owner painted his creature using the typical Ferrari red, probably to highlight the current power of an out of the ordinary car. The sheet specifies that the engine has traveled 100,000 kilometers but is still in perfect condition. The sale price is 50,862 euros.

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