Fiat news: the new models will be produced in Algeria


Fiat news: the new models will be produced in Algeria
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Fiat expands its production horizons going well beyond national borders to land in Africa. Stellantis, in fact, has recently announced its intention to fully exploit one of the avant-garde plants present in Algeriain particular in the municipality of Tafraouiin the Wilaya di Orano, where over 40 hectares of land are ready to welcome an increasingly richer productive activity.

Algeria welcomes Fiat to Oran

To announce the landing of Fiat in Algeria, 423 kilometers from the capital Algiers, it was the Turin-based company itself which, with Stellantis, signed the framework agreement with the Algerian government on 13 October. It is a historical document which, according to what has been decided in black and white, will lead to the production of over 90,000 vehicles a year from the African continent, with numbers that will improve year after year.

The target of 90,000, in fact, is the maximum that Orano will be able to reach in the coming years, but initially the first launch phase will see the plant engaged in the production of 60,000 cars. The start of the activities is expected by the end of 2023, with the local government saying it is more than satisfied with the agreement signed with the international four-wheeler giant.

Stellantis director of operations for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Samir Cherfan said he was enthusiastic about the agreement, as did Algerian Industry Minister Ahmed Zaghdar who, thanking Fiat and the group for the trust placed, praised Stellantis itself calling it one of the most important automotive industry complexes in the world (here we told you about the success of the Fiat 500e).

Where will the plant be and what will be produced

From the promises, from the black on white numbers in the agreements signed between Algeria, Fiat and Stellantis, we will then have to move on to the facts, or rather the real translation of the numbers present in the documents signed by the parties. The production volume of 90,000 vehicles from Algeria could soon lead to specific tasks for the Oran plant which, as mentioned, covers an area of ​​40 hectares.

Near the plant there is also an area of ​​over 80 hectares which will instead be dedicated to local suppliers and subcontracting companies, with the intention of the Algerian authorities to develop a real ecosystem through a local integration plan. In Fiat’s plans, everything is thought out down to the smallest detail, with the House also thinking about the development of industrial activities, after-sales services, the supply of spare parts and manpower training.

What is certain is that numerous models of the Turin brand will arrive from Algeria in the next few years. In fact, in the agreements signed in October, four models should arrive from Oran which, according to what has been leaked, will not only be cars. The Algerian government hasn’t yet gone too far in saying what vehicles it will produce, but it seems that Fiat has entrusted the plant with the production of light commercial vehicles. For Orano, therefore, the group would have made important investments to implement a revolution that will bring Fiat a breath of fresh air from Africa and, why not, also from the nearby Middle East after announcing the debut in the coveted metaverse.


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