Fiat, stop to petrol and diesel cars from 1st July

Fiat, stop to petrol and diesel cars from 1st July
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Fiat is getting closer and closer to total electrification. We have paid attention to this topic several times in the last few weeks, and we have talked about it a lot in the last hours too. The energy transition is getting closer and closer, especially in Europe, although not everyone is perfectly in agreement yet.

In fact, just a little while ago, we saw the thought of Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, which in some way goes against the impositions of the European Union. In fact, it seems that Italy is not perfectly in line with the future plans of the European Commission, which it wants fully electrify mobility by 2035. There are many doubts and many oppositions, so we just have to wait for the developments. Several car manufacturers have also expressed their uncertainty regarding the energy transition, we are not yet ready, and low-emission thermal engines could at least complement electric ones for the first few years. In fact, total change could be harmful to the economy and, given the already stormy period that the auto sector is experiencing, it would certainly not be good.

What is Fiat doing

In this scenario, the well-known Turin brand takes a step towards the electrification of its offer. In fact, in the UK it has decided that it will no longer sell cars with thermal engines, but hybrid and electric cars only. Since when? In a very short time, from July 1st, the big change.

Definitive stop to all pure combustion engines, which already last year in the UK represented less than 40% of the total range. British citizens have long shown great interest in new forms of mobility, as confirmed by the data reported by Fiat. This is why the House has taken such an important decision at the national level.

The growth of the electric for Fiat

Fiat boasts a great success in the electrical sector. In fact, in 2021 the Turin brand recorded the largest annual growth in registrations of electrified units, and as regards pure electric cars, Fiat saw an extraordinary + 88.3% of sales. Not bad, in short.

Excellent numbers, which among other things are also destined to increase, given the last choice that Fiat made in the UK, to sell only electric and hybrid cars from July 1st. Gasoline and diesel cars, moreover, will be completely prohibited in the UK starting in 2030, this will certainly push the zero emissions sector a lot.

Let’s not forget that Fiat’s path in the electrification front began with the launch of the Panda and 500 Hybrid, as the manufacturer itself recently recalled, and then continued with the fully electric New 500. A car that, as Fiat recalls, “offers a series of best-in-class features, such as level 2 autonomous driving technologies, a variety of battery options (24 kWh or 42 kWh) and a range of up to 199 miles (320 km, in WLTP cycle), the highest of any electric city car on the market today “.

Fiat and Abarth UK CEO Greg Taylor said: “This step in the history of Fiat represents a crucial point in our commitment to provide sustainable and affordable mobility solutions to all of our customers. The move goes hand in hand with our vehicles designed for urban areas, driven by the popularity of the New 500 ”.


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