Fiat Tipo Station Wagon: Comfortable, this hybrid


Fiat Tipo Station Wagon: Comfortable, this hybrid
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Double choice

There Fiat Tipo keeps up with the times by adding this 48-volt 131-horsepower hybrid to the 1.0 petrol and 1.3 and 1.6 diesel engines, offered both in the sedan version (the 5-door) and in the Station Wagon subject of this test. The mechanics are the same that recently debuted with the Jeep Compass (read here the first contact) and is also used for the Fiat 500X (find here the first contact) and the Alfa Romeo Tonale (read here the first contact of the version upgraded to 160 HP). Therefore, even the Fiat Tipo can be defined as an “evolved” light hybrid.

The electric motor integrated in the robotic double clutch gearbox of the Fiat Tipo Hybrid it is quite powerful. With its 20 horsepower, in addition to supporting the 1.5 turbo in recovery (limiting the effort, and therefore the consumption of gasoline, as in all hybrids), if the 0.8 kWh battery is charged enough it can move the car alone (for a few tens of meters and as long as it does not exceed 30 km / h) while the 1.5 remains off. This latter feature is typical of full hybrids, and which allows zero emissions to be carried out under frequent circumstances in normal use of the car, such as constantly starting and stopping while queuing, or during maneuvers.

The sprint button

The video of our test (below) shows how the Fiat Tipo Station Wagon 1.5 Hybrid can actually move for short distances only in current. It is up to the hybrid system to manage (without transmitting kickbacks) the continuous activation and deactivation of the two engines: all that remains is to concentrate on driving. If you want, however, you can intervene: by pressing the e-Auto Off button on the console, operation in electric mode is suspended, so that all the battery charge goes to support 1.5 when you want to keep a particularly brilliant pace, perhaps uphill. .

Easy Come Easy Go

For the rest, the Fiat Tipo Station Wagon 1.5 Hybrid confirms the driving skills of the other versions: reactions are always predictable, reassuring, and you also enjoy good visibility. In rainy weather, however, the rear window wiper only cleans a small portion of the rear window. The light setting of the power steering and the soft suspension of the suspension contribute to the good level of comfort of this medium-sized family, which, however, does not lack precision when entering corners.

The new robotic double-clutch gearbox from Fiat Tipo Station Wagon 1.5 Hybrid it is generally smooth in operation, and rather quick. Sometimes, however, he has doubts about which of the seven gears to choose. Considering the vivacity of the 131 HP, it is also a pity that the paddles behind the steering wheel are missing, for a quick and convenient manual selection of the ratios: if you want to “play” a little with the transmission, you have to move the lever back and forth in the tunnel. Last note on consumption: at the end of our test conducted on extra-urban roads where we did not always pay attention to the running economy, the on-board computer indicated about 14 km / l.

No sacrifices

The hybrid part did not take away space for people and luggage: the battery is under the central tunnel. The cockpit of the Fiat Tipo Station Wagon 1.5 Hybrid, therefore, it remains the same as always, with sober finishes, simple but not “poor” materials and practical controls (such as the climate control knobs in the console). The 7 ”digital dashboard also provides information on the operation of the hybrid system and on the battery charge, but, in conditions of strong external light, the LED scales of the rev counter and the fuel level are difficult to read.

Modern multimedia system provided as standard for the Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Red of the test: it has a clear 10.3 “cantilever screen on the dashboard, can be updated via the internet and allows you to manage some functions (for example, unlocking the locks to let someone in the car while we are arriving) remotely, via the smartphone. However, it does not have a navigator, which can be replaced by that of the phone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Alternatively, at no extra cost, there is a system equipped with GPS, but with a smaller screen: 7 ”. The driving position is comfortable and equipped with electric lumbar adjustment. Nothing to complain about even on the sofa: large, flat and welcoming. Good, for a medium-sized wagon, the capacity of the well usable trunk: 550 liters (with all five seats in use).

From 27,950 euros

The new Fiat Tipo Station Wagon 1.5 Hybrid is already on sale, with first deliveries scheduled for September 2022. The choice is between four trim levels, offered at attractive prices for such a spacious and lively automatic hybrid. Cruise control, telephone connections and lane maintenance are included in the € 27,950 price list of the less expensive “base”. The richest Red of the test (32,450 euros) adds full LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, rear view camera and seat upholstery obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles. The Red also has some SUV characteristics of the Cross set-up: 4 cm raised trim and black plastic protections for the lower area of ​​the bodywork. Given this “all-terrain” connotation, it is a pity that there is no driving method to better deal with slippery surfaces (such as snow). For the 5 Porte the prices are 1,500 euros lower

In our opinion

> Comfort. The cockpit is spacious and well insulated from potholes and outside noise.
> Ease of driving. The car is intuitive: all the controls are progressive.
> Multimedia systems. Both versions work fine.

> Exchange. Sometimes he is not punctual in entering reports.
> Driving mode. You wouldn’t hurt one for slimy bottoms.
> Rear window wiper. The brush is short and only cleans a small part of the rear window.

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