FIFA 23, the tried and tested between cross play, World Cup, HyperMotion2 and much more


FIFA 23, the tried and tested between cross play, World Cup, HyperMotion2 and much more
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If some could be led to think that for the last year of FIFA EA Sports he would have pulled the oars into the boat, well, that’s not quite right. The Canadian giant, in fact, wants to make FIFA 23 the best chapter ever. He does it both out of a surge of pride – after 30 years they don’t want to abandon the series they helped make great with a mediocre game – on the other hand they want to raise the bar to make sure that those who come later don’t have an easy life.

Another key to understanding is the need to satisfy as many players as possible, given that next year they will have to choose the Canadian publisher in their new adventure and not the historical brand. That’s why they started saying that EA Sports Football, or whatever FIFA 24 should have been called, will have everything that made the series great, except the name, of course. As we said, however, the news we have tested in FIFA 23 there are so many. Today we can only talk to you about those of a general nature, but in the coming days we will reveal what EA has thought to enrich the new generation versions of FIFA 23, but also the news of FUT and Volta. Before this, however, we must focus on the first, full-bodied, novelty: cross-play.

Before we get started, we wanted to remind you that FIFA 23 will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30th. Early access to FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition will begin on September 27, 2022.

Cross play

Kylian Mbappé on the cover of FIFA 23

The word already says a lot, but the implications are the element that changes everything. Starting from this year, in fact, FIFA 23 expects to be able to play 1 against 1 in cross play with opponents of the same console generation. This means that Xbox One users can challenge PlayStation 4 users, as well as those who play on PS5 will play against people on Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia and, finally, PC.

Another big news, in fact, is that the Windows version of the game will finally be that current gen and will therefore take advantage of all the news related to HyperMotion2, as well as showing off a cutting-edge technical sector.

FIFA 23 will be of the new generation also on PC
FIFA 23 will be of the new generation also on PC

As we said, for the moment the cross play will be limited to 1 on 1but this means that all the main modes, from FUT to seasons, through to online friendlies, can be played against all your friends, regardless of their adoption platform.

This should also simplify the side export of the game, with no longer two separate communities (and only PlayStation as a platform driven by commercial agreements), but a single community able to compete regardless of the chosen platform, further raising the level of a competition with increasingly professional connotations.

The year of the World Cup

FIFA 23 will feature the Men's and Women's World Cup
FIFA 23 will feature the Men’s and Women’s World Cup

The next football season, moreover, will be very important also because two editions of the World Cup will be held. Because of the decision to let the world Cup in Qatar in the middle of the regular season, i.e. from 21 November to 18 December 2022, EA Sports found itself able to include both the men’s and women’s competition in FIFA 23, which will instead be played in a more canonical 20 July – 20 August between Australia and New Zealand.

We still do not know if Italy will be represented at least by the women’s team (the recent European is not a good omen) but certainly EA Sports intends to support both events in an ad hoc manner – which will arrive as free update throughout the year – and of course a ton of new FUT cards and items. Or at least, let’s assume, given that – obviously – in addition to a generic “we will have many activities related to the World Cup” they have not gone so far.

It's the year of the World Cup, will Italy be present at least in the women's one?
It’s the year of the World Cup, will Italy be present at least in the women’s one?

The World Cup is a key moment for football, an occasion in which everyone, both fans and those less involved, is interested in the results of their national team. It is a moment in which millions of people start to get passionate about sports and, consequently, also the video game. For this reason Sam Rivieragameplay producer of FIFA 23, assured us that the development team has thought of many new experiences designed not only to explain to those who do not know him how to play FIFA 23, but also to introduce some concepts of football, such as the offside, to those who approach this sport for the first time.

More of everything

The Barclays Women's Super League in FIFA 23
The Barclays Women’s Super League in FIFA 23

EA Sports believes that this year themost complete edition of FIFA ever. The numbers supporting this claim are, in fact, remarkable: there are over 19,000 players spread across more than 700 teams, over 100 stadiums and more than 30 leagues. There will also be official competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, CONMEBOL Sudamericana, Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander, Serie A and, as mentioned, the FIFA Qatar Men’s World Cup. 2022 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023.

To these things are added the first championships and the first women’s professional teams like the Barclays Women’s Super League, the English first division, and the Division 1 Arkema, the top French women’s league. Useful news not only because being inclusive is fashionable, but simply for the fact that women’s football is increasingly a growing reality, capable of attracting spectators and investments. Just think of the fact that the Women’s Serie A has just become a professional league.

Lots of news, on all fields

The atmosphere of the FIFA 23 stadiums is always remarkable
The atmosphere of the FIFA 23 stadiums is always remarkable

We will be able to talk in detail only in a few days about the news related toHyperMotion2 and what the new system will bring to the current gen version of FIFA 23. For the moment we can tell you that EA Sports has continued in the process of analyzing and optimizing the movements of the players, all novelties that it has enclosed under the “HyperMotion2” hat. By studying the movement on the pitch, EA engineers have improved the movement of the team and players who are now more responsive, intelligent and authentic in all areas of the pitch. The goalkeepers will come out with greater determination, the defenders will make that extra movement to touch a sliding ball, while the forwards will have more and more control over the ball during the shooting phase. On the fly or not.

Pad in hand the novelties feel, in the same way in which they could feel the past years. As we have repeated several times, EA Sports cannot reinvent the wheel: in its hands it has a product that sells millions of copies all over the world and produces several million dollars: only a madman would upset it. This does not mean that it is not possible to introduce more or less impactful innovations capable of enriching the past experience and giving a new cut to the whole.

The EA Sports team said they listened to a lot of i feedback community and based its adjustments on these indications. For example, it has limited the effectiveness of automatic defense or interceptions, but has expanded the animations of the goalkeepers, especially in exit, modified the acceleration, in order to differentiate sprinters from strong players in progression and even added a new way to kick in brings.

Women's football in FIFA 23
Women’s football in FIFA 23

For the moment, however, the pace of play seems to be lower, the reactivity of the players higher and in general you have more control over the team and its movements, but these are all things that could change between now and the end of September, or when the game actually arrives in stores.

The elements that change the gameplay the most are the set pieces and the new Power Shots. The first ones have been redesigned to also reward timing and to give more variety to the shots. Penalty kicks, in addition to directing, will have to take into account an indicator that pulsates rhythmically. If you are able to stop him when the circle is smaller you will be able to kick with precision, wrong timing will also decrease the possibility of putting the ball into the goal.

In the free kicks and in the corners you can decide where to hit the ball, in a similar way to golf or billiard games: hitting from the side will give an effect to go out or back, which will be dosed with the power and a further movement of the right analog to give an extra effect.

THE Power Shot, immediately renamed Super Shots, are a new mechanic that is achieved by combining lats with shooting. In this way the players will perform in real broadsides that will be directed precisely into the goal, with truly spectacular effects. In addition to aiming, the lengthy animation needed to charge the shot, which could give defenders time to retrieve the ball, decreases the power of this move.

A scene from FIFA 23
A scene from FIFA 23

Other elements, such as a better positioning of the players’ feet before a shot, new animations for the stop on the fly and an improved ability to take “steps” give the whole game a greater degree of both visual and “tactile” realism. The impression is that of having greater control of the player, of his movements and, consequently, of the game.

Also expect several new thicknesses for FUT and Volta. Take a good look at the gameplay phases shown, you can see several new features also in terms of graphics and presentation. But, as Michael Ende said in The Neverending Story, “this is another story and will have to be told another time”.

FIFA 23 must be an ambitious chapter. It is the latest that EA will curate for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association and the Canadian developer wants to both leave a great memory of himself (so that competitors will hardly be able to do better on the first try) and show fans his worth, so to bring them back again next year. For the moment we have a general smattering, with some suggestions from HyperMotion2 and the display of an unrivaled productive power, with a plethora of infinite license to which the World Cup and women’s football are added. Let’s start, however, with some discreet news, namely the arrival of cross play and the PC version equal to that of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. The beauty, as per tradition, is yet to come. In the coming days we will deepen the news of this HyperMotion2, but also those coming for all versions of the game, the news of FUT, those of Volta and some surprises also in terms of licenses.


  • Cross play at last
  • Lots of licenses
  • HyperMotion2 further enhances animations


  • The game structure is the classic one

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