Find these 2 euros with the bull and earn a lot of money: PHOTOS


Find these 2 euros with the bull and earn a lot of money: PHOTOS
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Find these 2 euros with the bull and earn a lot of money: this phrase, like many others that we have already analyzed, in the world of numismatic collecting, may have been said to you recently. The 2 Euro coins are in fact among the most sought-after objects for collecting, especially thanks to the special versions issued with commemorative cones.

However, this time we are talking about one of the coins issued for the regular course, and in a continuous way, and that is the 2 Euro of Greece that see on the different side for each nation – the obverse is common for all – the scene of the kidnapping of Europe by of Zeus transformed into a bull. It is a scene from Greek mythology that has numerous references to the European Union. Let’s find out its value in this article.

2 euro with the bull: description of the 2 euro coin of Greece

To fully understand which coin we are talking about, let’s proceed to a detailed description of the coin. The 2 euro of Greece “with the bull” first of all exist in two versions, the one coined from 2002 to 2006, and then from 2007 onwards with the updating of the EU borders on the obverse. The obverse, we remind you again, is the same for all nations and sees the face value of the coin and the EU borders engraved with 12 stars, 6 at the top and 6 at the bottom, connected to each other by vertical stripes.

The reverse of the 2 Euro coin of Greece depicts, as we have already said, the scene of the kidnapping of Europa by Zeus who turned into a bull taken from a mosaic of Sparta dating back to the third century BC On the left of the bull there are: below the engraving with the author’s initials; in the inscription Europa in modern Greek characters. At the top right we find the engraving of the symbol of the Greek mint, the Anthemion. Under the bull the repetition of the face value of the coin in modern Greek characters, while in the outer border the 12 stars of the founding countries of the EU. On the sides of the star at 6 o’clock, the thousandth of the year of minting divided into two parts.

2 Euro with the bull: how much is the coin worth?

How do you know if the 2 Euro with the bull you have found is worth something important? The premises are different. Looking at the specialized sites, it can be seen that Greece introduced more than 145 million 2 Euro coins in 2002, and these have no higher value than the nominal one. As happened for the 1 Euro coin (the one with the owl / owl), Finland has minted about 70 million copies by putting the letter “S” in the star at 6 o’clock. This is an important detail to remember, because someone sells online as a minting error this coin which is actually very common.

In 2004, 2007 and from 2011 to today, however, Greece has only minted 2 Euro coins intended for collecting (Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof), and therefore in limited numbers. Among these coins, the one that currently has the greatest value is that of 2007, which is worth 36 euros. The others tend to fluctuate between 10 and 20 Euros in value.

Why do they sell the 2 Euro with the bull for thousands of Euro?

It is not uncommon to find on Ebay auctions dedicated to specimens of this coin for sale for thousands of euros. All of these auctions announce coins with “minting errors”. The minting error is a particularity (or more peculiarity) that makes the currency unique. But be careful: the market for minting errors is not regulated.

This means that the owner of an alleged minting error can ask for the amount he prefers, and it is up to the buyer to decide whether to accept. As we have said, it can also happen that a common feature, such as the “s” of the Finnish mint, is passed off – out of ignorance or bad faith – as a minting error. Before making investments, therefore, it is better to rely on a numismatic expert.

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