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Like the Easter egg that we can’t wait to open now that it’s Christmas but which we will discover has “nothing” inside, a lot of fitness out there contains “nothing”. Least of all those tons of fitness delivered digitally. In the physical and tangible case, at least the machines available and the changing rooms are there, but for the competent instructor to call back at another time: office closed, unless another fifteenth century is set up for the so-called “necessary introductory lessons”. Buying a fitness service today is: registering for a certain period at a certain point in sport for a certain fitness service which, subject to the considerations of the premise, will hopefully arrive. However, it is not clear what will be sold inside that Easter-egg-registration and what will arrive on the back, so much so that often, to the detriment of the customer and to the advantage of the club, another service is sold to us at a great distance: the lesson package, in fact. Lessons that the web now devalues ​​because it offers them for free on instagram by an instructor trained thanks to two weekends online and a webinar where everyone compliments each other and tells each other on Insta, Tik-tok, Facebook and Linkedin how good they are. It does not end here. This is the beginning.

Fitness Business: diversify or disappear

In the short term, in strategic-commercial Matryoshka style, even a third of them is offered as a fitness service. All within the void of the first and second and gradually others, placed in the basket through campaigns that coincide with the holy days and then Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and very originally with the “Promo-Christmas” of which it was said. The problem is that even the fitness provider no longer knows what he has become in recent years, after the battle played (and sometimes lost) against the grotesque profiles of the instagram super-trainers. And while the fitness provider doesn’t know what he’s selling let alone diversifying-yes, why to diversify you need strategy and brains while not to standardize, there is someone, or rather, “there was someone” who instead of applying to the letter what he learns by heart in webinars would, yes, have the intuition to understand how to diversify. Because he learned it from the field, from customers, all different, all original. It’s him, or rather it was him: the True Instructor.

Fitness Industry: customers lead the way

Service diversification strategies arise from tactics, from the field, from customers. They lead the fitness industry and not pompous managers who don’t distinguish aerobic work from aerobics and they are celebrated with awards while the vast majority of the centers they advise are squabbling over prices. Without perspective. The Real Instructor reads the Real Game that customers play inside the room, manages flows better than a traffic light, switches between a kettlebell and a medicine ball, between a treadmill and an elliptical and fiddles with the defibrillator, if necessary.

Like an expert mechanic who intervenes on difficult cases, the gym is the box of a formula one: puts things back in order but with an expert mechanic who “feels” it before putting his hand to the engine. Same factors of production? Same result: you exit at the first curve, that of the price. If you run it at 19.90 per hour like certain memberships, game lost. If diversification starts from the bottom and goes back to management, how does it go down from the top if it falls the same for everyone? A thought out loud.

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