Food poisoning: the list of ‘dangerous’ foods, the ADI raises the alarm


Food poisoning: the list of ‘dangerous’ foods, the ADI raises the alarm
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Food poisoning is affecting more and more Italians. Among the innumerable causes, the heat of this period also increases the risk.

ADI, the Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition, explains how to avoid running into potential toxic infections. Also and especially when we go on vacation.

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Speaking of food poisoning we must not only consider i striking cases. Like that of Ferrero chocolate, or that of these days famous brand snacks contaminated with Salmonella. Our habits can also be dangerous, especially during the summer season.

ADI then disclosed a series of advice and guidelines for raise citizen awareness and teach how avoid risky conditions. Which are more frequent than you can imagine. Right in our homes.

Food poisoning, attention to conservation and hygiene, there are many bacteria that can cause us serious diseases

In recent months we have unfortunately understood what it means to come into contact with the bacterium of Salmonella or with that of Listeria. But delving deeper we find that there are more than 250 types of poisoning from food. Even of different origins.

In fact, many can arise not only from animal and / or vegetable toxins. Illnesses of varying degrees are also manifested by ingesting foods contaminated with chemicals and / or pollutantsSuch as Mercury in Pisces or i pesticides in fruit and vegetables. The ADI reports, which speak in numbers, give a clear picture of the current situation globally.

Every year, in the world, there are more than 350 thousand cases of intoxication and over 300 thousand interventions for related situations. It means, according to the calculations, a percentage of the population affected around 30%.

It is therefore evident that we are all subjected to risk situations. And when they don’t come from errors during industrial processing, we can actively protect ourselves. Learning to practice simple rules of hygiene and food storage.

Listeria is also resistant to cold, watch out for these foods

The bacterium of Listeriawhen it “contaminates” man, it can provoke severe damage to health. And obviously the most fragile, such as children, the elderly and pregnant women, risk even more.

This bacterium is found very frequently in cured meatas well as in the raw meat or cooked at low temperatures, but also in cheeses made with non-pasteurized milk and in the milk itself. Not even frozen foods are “safe” because Listeria survives even at the temperature of the refrigerator.

We remember that to defeat mold and bacteria it is necessary to cook foods to one temperature above 120 degrees. To be sure, we can buy kitchen thermometers / probes at affordable prices.

The (simple) hygiene rules that protect us from toxic infections

To protect ourselves, we can and indeed we have to implement a few simple practices. First of all it is essential handle food in clean environments and with clean tools. The refrigerator is a “receptacle” of bacteria, if not properly maintained. We can sanitize it by cleaning it with water and vinegarand above all by putting away food properly.

Never touch raw meat with other foods, for example. The leftovers they should not be placed on a plate, but closed in airtight containers. Naturally, never place a cooked food that is still hot in the refrigerator.

Also in kitchen we must pay close attention to the cleaning worktops and especially wooden cutting boards. The advice is also to wash your hands often when touching different foodsor as soon as we got back from the supermarket.

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