Football, Dazn: here are the prices to see the Serie A 2022/23


Football, Dazn: here are the prices to see the Serie A 2022/23
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Dazn subscribers will be able to view live sports content at the same time even from two different devices that are remotely located, not on the same “home network”. In this case, however, it will be necessary to pay 10 euros per month more. And then subscribe to the “premium” profile which will cost 39.99 euros per month. Against the 29.99 euros of the “standard” profile. With the latter, the vision – the thought goes immediately to Serie A matches exclusively on Dazn for 7 matches out of 10 per week with the other 3 co-exclusive on Sky – will be possible on one device at a time or even simultaneously on two different devices, but only in the same house. In both subscription plans, the correct use of contemporaneity will be allowed for people who belong to the same household

Concurrency intervention

All decided, therefore, in Dazn, also in view of the next Serie A season starting on August 14th. From what appears to the Sole 24 Ore communications to customers should start shortly. As soon as possible also during the day. And so, 8 months after the anticipation of the Sole 24 Ore , the intervention – already thought for the season just ended, but then returned within a few days – takes shape by Dazn on the now well-known problem of “concurrency”. That is to say, precisely, the possibility of granting different users connected to the same subscription to access the contents at the same time from two devices that are at a distance from each other.

Price action

Dazn thus intervenes, with a repricing, on a practice initially used by the same platform also as an important purchase motivation in a context of change both of the reference operator for Serie A (no longer Sky but, in fact, Dazn), and the main mode of viewing sports content (streaming instead of satellite).

Fight against fraudulent use of the subscription

Eventually, however, the issue seems to have gotten out of hand. At the time, Dazn itself considered concurrency as a practice that contributes decisively to the average 20% of fraudulent uses found by the platform. And not surprisingly, as revealed on Il Sole 24 Ore of last November 9, on that date the letters to subscribers were leaving to communicate the stop to the concurrency already from the current season, guaranteeing the possibility of withdrawal. A wave of protests immediately stopped the process, but essentially postponed the decision, which has now arrived.

Discussion that goes beyond Dazn

The intervention, moreover, had been substantially announced by the top management (at the time at the helm of Dazn in Italy there was Veronica Diquattro, currently Chief revenue officer of Dazn Europe and member of the board of the 24 Ore Group) and now falls in a moment in which is also talked about outside the Dazn case. Netflix, for example, in its latest presentation of quarterly data drew attention to the topic of account sharing. On the occasion of the presentation of the results of the first quarter of 2022, Netflix highlighted that in addition to the 222 million families, it is estimated that the account is shared by more than 100 million additional families who use the service through methods not in line with the conditions of use. without paying. A phenomenon, this of account sharing, which led the company to test ways to monetize sharing.

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