For Piazza Affari a 2022 to forget. Ftse Mib -12%, the worst year since 2018


For Piazza Affari a 2022 to forget.  Ftse Mib -12%, the worst year since 2018
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(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – A 2022 to forget for Piazza Affari. Based on the stock market data updated to 29 December, in fact, the Ftse Mib has recorded a decline of 12% since the end of 2021. This is the worst annual performance since 2018, when the index had fallen by 16.1%, the second worst in the last ten years and the seventh worst since 2000. The Ftse All Share, for its part, recorded a 12.9% drop in 2022 while the Star segment fared even worse, down by 27.7%, and the Ftse Italy Growth with -19.3%.

Capitalization drops by 18.6% to 626 billion, 33.9% of GDP

Downturns that brought down the overall capitalization of companies listed on Piazza Affari to 626.2 billion, 18.6% compared to 769.3 billion as at 30 December 2021. This is what emerges from Borsa Italiana data updated to 23 December. Thus the weight of share listings on the gross domestic product also decreased, equal to 33.9% from 43.1% last year. At the end of 2020, after the crash caused by the Covid crisis, the capitalization of Piazza Affari was 606.5 billion (+3.2% the 2022 change on 2020) and 37% of GDP.

Tenaris pink jersey (+79%), Saipem in the queue (-76%)

Among individual stocks, there was a rally in the oil sector, with the exception of Saipem, and defense, which was countered by the crash of Tim. Among the blue chips of the Ftse Mib, the pink jersey of the year goes to Tenaris, with a leap of 79%, but Eni (+10.63%) and Erg (+3.18%) also stood out in the sector ) driving the energy price rally. The exception, as mentioned, is Saipem which discounted the maxi capital increase carried out in the summer, losing 75.73%.

FTSE Mib Stock Exchange performance


The winds of war in Europe in the light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine supported Leonardo (+29.19%), while uncertainty about the restructuring pushed Tim down by 48.78%. Sales also affected Nexi (-46.68%), Amplifon (-41.68%), Interpump (-33.36%) and Pirelli (-33.18%). In the banking sector, Banco Bpm (+27.45%) stood out and Bper defended itself with +6.38%. The other main institutions are below parity, with UniCredit (leading the 2021 ranking with +77%) down by 1.88% and Intesa Sanpaolo by 8.04%. In the entire Milanese price list, the 2022 ranking sees D’Amico International Shipping (+295.8%) in the lead, followed by two stocks on the Euronext Growth Milan market: Fope (+139.7%) and Gismondi 1754 (+118.6 %). The Top 5 is closed by Autostrade Meridionali (+114.1%) and Saras (+107.6%). The worst performances were instead those of Ki Group (-99.8%), Illa (-99.2%), The Lifestyle Group (-98.8%), Visibilia (-96.6%) and Italia Independent ( -90.5%).

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At Piazza Affari 30 admissions, with 29 IPOs raised 1.5 billion

Moving on to the primary market, in 2022 there were 30 admissions on Borsa Italiana markets, of which 29 IPOs which raised 1.45 billion. The number of listed companies is 414 from 407 last year, of which 223 on the Euronext Milan market (of which 75 on the Star segment), one Fia instrument on the Miv market and 190 on Euronext Growth Milan. Of the 29 IPOs in 2022, 3 took place on the main market (Civitanavi Systems, Generalfinance and Industrie De Nora) and 26 on Euronext Growth Milan. To these operations is added the admission of Iveco Group, following the demerger from CNH Industrial. During the year there were also two transfers of the market: Net Insurance and Revo Insurance from Euronext Growth Milan to the Star segment of Euronext Milan. There were also 9 rights issue capital increases with a value of 4.755 billion.

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