Francesca Fialdini: “My cousin is a force of nature”. The disease and the complaint on Instagram


Francesca Fialdini: “My cousin is a force of nature”.  The disease and the complaint on Instagram
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On a weekend like so many others, carefree and red-hot due to the summer temperatures that do not give respite throughout Italy, there are those who carve out time for an appeal that smacks of denunciation: Francesca Fialdini he wanted to share on social networks the story of his cousin Marisa, who is fighting against 5 rare diseases, and more. Making this battle more difficult for her is her bureaucracy, which has put before her what has so far been her biggest obstacle.

Francesca Fialdini, the story of her cousin

“My cousin Marisa is a force of nature”- wrote Francesca Fialdini on her Instagram profile, in a post accompanied by beautiful photos that portray her during a happy and fun evening in the company of the people most dear to her. Among these is her cousin, a woman who has never lost her smile despite the difficulties that her life has posed for her. “Affected by 5 rare diseases, it is a very complex case. It is followed by the Milan center for rare diseases, who since Covid has not visited her in person anymore for obvious reasons; however, her medical record in the meantime has evolved as her pathologies have decided ”.

L’sanitary emergency that we have been dealing with for more than two years now has put hospitals and clinics in crisis all over the country, and sometimes patients who are no longer able to obtain not only the treatment necessary to fight their diseases (at least in the most dramatic cases) ), but also those small gestures of humanity that are so useful to feel more than a number. In some ways, this this is exactly what happened to Fialdini’s cousinwhich for months has been waiting for a new wheelchair to be recognized in order to be able to be autonomous again.

“Marisa’s resistance is as enviable as it is confidence in science and new technologiesbut what a useless effort to wait for a wheelchair because the one they sent you is broken, unusable, and the new one got lost in the maze of emails full of promises “- continued the presenter, in a message that appears gradually more and more aimed at denounce a situation in which it would seem to reign there disorganization. This time, touching her very closely, he decided not to remain silent.

Francesca Fialdini, the complaint on Instagram

Francesca’s is a real public complaint, addressed to the authorities and health care as a whole: “My cousin has been waiting for the wheelchair since November and it has not yet received an answer, it is not known when and if it will receive it because where science and technology advance, the bureaucracy will stop intelligence and practicality ”- explained Fialdini. “Until the wheelchair arrives, Marisa will limit her movements to a minimum”. Not only therefore a very difficult and relentless fight against a condition that is still a mystery even for doctors, but also a real battle against bureaucracy.

“Who knows how many people like her in Italy they have to pay a double penalty for life aggravated by the bureaucratese? At least you could have tried to send a written answer ”- concluded the presenter in her long message, which is an outlet and an appeal at the same time. Maybe someone will read her words and help make situations like this find an answer as soon as possible. Certainly her message has struck the fans, with whom Fialdini has always had a wonderful relationship. And to those who asked why Francesca wasn’t the one to get a pram for her cousin, the answer came immediately: “In order, things are like this: Marisa did not accept my gift because she is proud. You don’t want to weigh on anyone. She also knows perfectly well that her battle is that of many others and she wants to fight for everyone ”.


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