Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci, the millionaire maintenance from Berlusconi: how much she earned from the separation with Silvio


Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci, the millionaire maintenance from Berlusconi: how much she earned from the separation with Silvio
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Today is the happy wife of Paola Turci with whom she got married on 2 July with a very armored ceremony in Montalcino, but only until a few years ago Francesca Pascale37, was the famous girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi: a 10-year relationship from which Pascale came up with a millionaire deal. But what will happen now that Francesca is linked to another person?

Paola Turci sings for Francesca Pascale “Tu si ” na cosa grande” and gets excited. Then the hug and the applause

The maintenance by Berlusconi

Francesca Pascale and Silvio Berlusconi never married, but the relationship was still based on an economic agreement. In the event of a rupture, in fact, as happened in 2020, Pascale was entitled to 2 million euros for each year of relationship, equal to 20 million and about 100,000 euros per month (one million per year) as maintenance of the state. of life and well-being acquired during the years of the relationship.

The villa in Brianza for sale

Finally, Francesca was entitled, for a few years, to the house baptized Villa Maria, in Casatenovo in Brianza, built according to her tastes. A luxurious home of 1,140 square meters, immersed in a park of over 30 thousand square meters, which, however, would now be back on the market. The villa had always remained the property of the former premier, even if after the breakup, which took place in 2020, Pascale had continued to live there for a while. A few months ago, however, it would have been put up for sale. On the other hand, she hasn’t lived in Casatenovo for a long time.

The first kiss with Paola Turci on the 60 thousand euro boat

In 2020, the relationship between Berlusconi and Pascale, although it remained friendly and affectionate, ends. So much so that just four months later Francesca is photographed in intimacy with the singer Paola Turci. They have been paparazzi since Oggi while kissing on a yacht in Cilento.At the time, Oggi also revealed that the 25-meter yacht where the two were caught exchanging tenderness cost around 60,000 euros a week and that the bill had been paid by Pascale. An indiscretion never confirmed.

After the stolen kiss from Francesca and Paola nothing more was known. Only sighting in pairs in July 2021, at the Gay Pride parade in Naples. The direct interested parties on the alleged relationship have never said a word. Indeed Turci in interviews has always reiterated that she does not like intrusions into his private life: «I could have eaten up that gossip, instead I refused covers, money. My silence has communicated that it is not necessary to say what you are, ”he explained recently. While she in an interview last year she stressed that she feels free to love whoever she wants: “I have no intention of being influenced by the judgments of others and give up having the relationships I want with the people I choose”.

The wedding and the few VIP guests

By now, almost everything is known about the total white wedding in Montalcino. In the end, the guests were 63: this was revealed by the National Daily, also revealing that the only famous personalities or in any case linked to the world of entertainment were the singer Isotta Carapelli, her fellow producer Diego Calvetti and the mayor of Trequanda Andrea Francini. Trequanda is the municipality in the province of Siena where Francesca Pascale moved (also) to start a cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

The wishes of the former brother-in-law

If the former partner Silvio is silent, among the first wishes appears, instead, the publisher and entrepreneur Paolo Berlusconi, who commented with the agencies: “I formulate to Pascale, a person who for some years was close to my brother Silvio, best wishes for a happy life “. Monica Cirinnà, head of the rights of the Democratic Party, was not long in coming either, who tweeted against the homophobic insults suffered by the couple: «The insults and hatred that strike you will be swept away by the beauty of your love. Each new civil union is a powerful antidote and seed of that cultural change which should be work for good politics ”. Among the many, on social media, also the greetings of the honorable Michela Vittoria Brambilla and those of the funeral agency Taffo who took their photo writing “Until Taffo do not part you”. Pascale reposted them: a nice touch of irony and another good lesson to the usual haters.


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