Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci, yes today. Berlusconi’s gift perhaps two jewels


Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci, yes today.  Berlusconi’s gift perhaps two jewels
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It is not Silvio who speaks but his brother Paolo. To publicly send wishes for a good marriage, or rather a happy civil union, to Francesca Pascale it’s at Paola Turci, is Berlusconi junior and not the Knight. But he, Francesca’s ex boyfriend for nine long years that have been beautiful except for the last ones, describe him as calm and also happy for the happy event, because when the party of love wins – this has always been his philosophy and that he has chosen to apply again – it’s a win for all. Paul Berlusconi he says: «I formulate to Pascale, a person who for some years has been close to my brother Silvio, best wishes for a happy life».

While the Knight would be thinking of something more substantial than good wishes. “In his infinite generosity”, some say in Forza Italia, “the President is ready to make a gift to Francesca and Paola for their union”. They are expected to arrive two jewels. A gift that fits perfectly in Silvio’s style, and would be in continuity with the non-traumatic break, or at least well managed, of the engagement with Francesca which was announced, avoiding the escalation of gossip, with a release in March 2020. Four months later , the photo of the kiss between Francesca and Paola on a yacht off the Cilento coast. But speaking of the jewel, now MPs close to Marta Fascina, the current love of the Knight, maliciously point out: «Berlusconi has already done the gift and it is the payment received by Francesca when they separated. A villa and over 20 million euros “. But whoever speaks like this underestimates the great heart of the Knight. Old friends of the couple Berlusconi-Pascale they get away with a joke: “Of course he’s sending you a jewel, otherwise what is Silvio ?!”. Also because, they add stinging, “this is a true union, not like the symbolic wedding with Marta”.

Today’s ceremony a Montalcinocelebrated by the mayor dem Silvio Franceschelli, will be sober as the party at the Velona castle, a wonderful location surrounded by the Brunello vineyards and overlooking the Val d’Orcia. Pascale no longer has, or very few, relations with the world of Forza Italia. Where there are those who regret it. Among the few parliamentarians present at the party there could be the blue deputy Rita Tripodi, there are rumors of some Neapolitan – but Armando Cesaro who was a close friend of Francesca is not among them – while the former Berlusconian Maria Rosaria Rossi, Totian senator of Italy at the Center and still fond of Pascale with whom as Berlusconi’s assistant she spent years side by side on a daily basis, she says: “The one between Francesca and President Berlusconi was a great love but, like all things in life, even the most beautiful, it can it can happen that love ends and an affection remains in any case profound ». She follows her jerk: «When new loves blossom, it is also natural that we get married, who for real and who for pretend …».

The posts

Of course, the chorus of insults received on social media by Francesca and Paola is revolting and denounced by the singer as follows: “Ignorance, homophobia, wickedness and unhappiness”. Fortunately, messages of congratulations for the couple are multiplying on the web. And Paola also published a romantic message, writing at 4 in the morning next to a photo with the starry sky: «That happiness that doesn’t make you sleep». Then, the singer – who had a husband, got divorced, had a boyfriend and then met Francesca – replayed the greetings from her friends. Chance has it, but who knows if it is a coincidence, that the castle of Velona where the party takes place is the one that Berlusconi wanted to buy in 2003. There were left-handed riots against the arrival of the Black Knight but he bought it, not for this reason but because Silvio thought better of it. There are those who swear they have seen Berlusconi’s escort wandering around these parts in recent days, which would suggest that Silvio may be among the guests. It would be really too much but, as we know, the excess is Silvio’s salt.



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