Francesco Totti no longer recognizes Ilary Blasi, the indiscretions lead to an unspoken truth


We have followed the story of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi over the years, we have seen them grow and change together, Ilary perhaps more than Totti.

Some rumors begin to pop up who glimpse a glimmer of possible truth in the midst of a media tornado generated by the revelation of the end of the marriage between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasy.

The famous presenter has come a long way in the entertainment world, she started as a letter in lucky program by Mediaset and led by the inimitable Gerry Scottito become one of the most popular and requested presenters on the Italian television scene.

Last but not least, his management at the helm of a program that is certainly not simple, the just finished edition of the Island of the Famous which saw the triumph of the actor Nicolas Vaporidisbut he also staged real dramas, including furious quarrels, illnesses and injuries, certainly there were also love stories, but certainly an edition that kept everyone in suspense and Ilary Blasi has shown that he has cut his teeth over the years and that he knows how to bring home the result with record numbers.

We have never stopped talking about her throughout the television season and right now that the summer break has begun, which sees the schedule close to reorganize next season, Ilary and Francesco Totti, her husband for over twenty years, drop the bomb which is creating a real media cyclone that hasn’t been seen for a long time.

Their separation has been the news of the day for a week now, gossip, rumors, rumors and the photos that Ilary herself publishes of her vacation with her children it does nothing but feed the curiosity of the public and gossip journalists.

The issue of separation has taken such an incredible turn of biblical dimensions that not only is it being talked about everywhere, but it has also become the driving force behind ironic videos that, in the end, they wink at what may be an unspoken truth.

So the fly to the nose and serious doubts arise if one of the reasons why Totti has made the decision to move away from Ilary is not also due to the fact that perhaps he preferred a more natural Ilary… In the true sense of the word.

blasi totti

Maybe Francesco Totti has changed tastes, or maybe Ilary is another person

It is clear to everyone that Ilary Blasi is no longer that soap and water letter that we all remember (or we struggle to remember), over the years she has taken her appearance in hand and has completely changed it, now in our imagination Ilary is the one we see every week on televisionbut if we look at an old photo of him we realize that it is almost unrecognizable.

blasi totti

It is as if it had done a complete makeover, it definitely filled the breasts and lips, but the connotations appear quite different. She is certainly always beautiful, but perhaps she is not the same person that Totti fell in love with many years ago, as a nice creator of Tik Tok points out, Ilary now looks more like a character from Avatar, obviously the gag is playful and makes a laugh, but never that perhaps the ‘pupone’ prefers a more natural woman?

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In all this, however, we must add that Blasi has always glossed over surgery, disputing rumors that she had resorted to the famous puncture of hyaluronic acid or having relied on botulinum. But she had categorically denied a few months ago that there were any problems in her marriage, she also went to Verissimo to dissuade people from believing these ‘rumors’ …

As for the relationship between the two, it didn’t take a detective to find out the truth, since it was they who called a press conference to confirm the end of the marriage.

On the other hand, there is still no official confirmation on plastic surgery, let’s pretend that we believe Ilary and that she has never resorted to the surgeon’s bed. For the record we leave a photo of Ilary Blasi a few years ago, the envious will say Photoshop.

blasi totti

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