Freeza, because they are all running to put 2 tinfoil balls: unthinkable


The freezer is one of the most annoying things to clean in kitchens, especially since it creates frost and ice, which is difficult to remove. But tinfoil will save you. How? Find out now.

Tinfoil balls in the freezer –

There tinfoil is a great ally in the kitchen: serves to preserve food well, helps to cook dishes in the oven but also many other secret functions.

One of these to be used with the freezer, another great friend of all kitchens, who helps us keep food fresh when we stock up. But what is this useful trick that works using tinfoil?

Tinfoil in the freezer: what’s the benefit? Indescribable!

What is the first annoying thing that comes to your mind when thinking about freezer? Surely you will all answer “defrost it”: yes, the freezer is really useful but clean itremoving the frost and ice it really is torture.

Freezer –

Usually, to defrost a freezer it must be emptiedturn it off and melt all the annoying ice formed, which also prevents the food from being stored correctly and also hinders closing.

To do this more easily, there is a trick that not everyone knows: the tinfoil. How can it be used to defrost the freezer?

It’s really very simple: just take some sheets of aluminum foil covering all sides of the freezer, obviously if the ice is low and we are not talking about huge blocks.

Once this is done, you can put all the products back in their place, the tinfoil will take effect and the ice will settle only on its sides, without affecting the food. In addition, it will be easy to remove the sheets, thus leaving the freezer clean.

A perfect idea to always keep your freezer perfect, which will surely save a lot of time.

Also, another method to defrost the freezer, when the frost is not excessive, is to use a spray of hot water and soaked tea towels, always warm. In this way you will help the ice to melt and you can clean each compartment thoroughly.

Other tricks to use the freezer to the fullest

In addition to defrosting the freezer, other things can happen when using this appliance. For example, sometimes frozen fruit and vegetables lose their flavor original, becoming not very tasty.

Girl in front of the freezer
Girl in front of the freezer –

This is because the humidity affects the authenticity of the product, but to avoid this there is a very particular method.

Indeed, just cover the walls of the freezer or the dedicated drawer inside with some sponges: this is because the sponge will be able to absorb moisture, without letting it reach the products.

Also it is good to remember that fruit and vegetables must be separated from other foods, because contact could lead to sudden deterioration, instead of keeping them at their best.

In order not to throw anything away, always remember to mark the date of conservation of the products, or when you first put them in the freezer.

In the long run, even in the freezer some foods are no longer good, so it is good not to have too many foods stored for too long, thus avoiding waste.

To save on your bill, always remember to choose an appliance with energy class A or higher and of don’t open it often, minimizing energy consumption.

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