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One of Amici’s pupils is having a difficult time. Mary’s reaction. Photo: Mediaset – newsby

One of Amici 22’s competitors is not well. Maria De Filippi came to her rescue, who as usual showed great empathy towards the young students of the most famous talent school on TV.

Amici’s school often puts young talent to the test, both on stage and behind the scenes. Cases of strong nervous breakdowns are not uncommon, such as the one that affected the singer Federica. Now experiencing a particularly difficult moment is another of the show’s most loved competitors, who however was able to benefit from De Filippi’s emotional closeness.

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One of Amici’s pupils is having a difficult time. Mary’s reaction. Photo: Mediaset – newsby

Friends 22, Mattia is not having a good time

For the dancer Mattia this is a decidedly difficult period in his life. In fact, he recently left his girlfriend Maddalena and was hit by a very strong pain for the end of a relationship that he cared about a lot. The same cannot be said of Maddalena, who seems to have taken over the reins of her life without too much difficulty. After several difficult days for Mattia, finally Maria intervened to cheer him up through a direct connection in the house.

It is not the first time that De Filippi has shown compassion towards Amici’s young pupils, but on the other hand her maternal soul has been well known by everyone for many years now. And it is certainly one of the characteristics of her that make her so loved by all. Addressed to Mattia, the presenter she said that romantic crises happen to everyone sooner or later in life, and then asked Mattia if it was the first time for him.

mattia maddalena friends
Friends, Mattia suffers from having left Maddalena. Photo: Mediaset – newsby

Matthias’ pain

The young student said that he had only experienced a similar sensation when he was much younger, at 15, but now the feelings are much stronger. For Mattia, the greatest pain is having to see Maddalena in the house every day. “Seeing her from morning until I go to sleep feels strange and it’s heavy”, said the boy.

mattia and maddalena at the time of their love
Mattia and Maddalena at the time of their love. Photo: Mediaset – newsby

Maria suggested to Mattia that he try to communicate with Maddalena, perhaps to clarify the reasons for the farewell. But the young man refused to do it. Then the presenter asked him if the breakup with Maddalena had happened suddenly or if she had been expecting it for some time. Mattia replied, without tears, that he was well aware that certain things between them were not going well, but he would never have expected Maddalena to take such a drastic decision all at once.

To which De Filippi asked him what Maddalena’s current feelings were towards him, but he asserted that the girl no longer seems to feel anything for him. The boy’s pain is so strong that he felt the need to confront his friends as well inside the house. He communicated to them that Maddalena would tell him not to feel anything for him anymore. One thing that the boy just can’t understand and for this reason he can’t find peace.

He told me he no longer feels the things he used to. But I think that everything can’t end so suddenly, it doesn’t make sense ”, Mattia snapped. A deep wound, his, that only time can heal.

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