Friulian cylinders to the Russians: Draghi stops the sale of Faber. Stop the millionaire operation of the gas and hydrogen jewel


Friulian cylinders to the Russians: Draghi stops the sale of Faber.  Stop the millionaire operation of the gas and hydrogen jewel
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CIVIDALE – The war is also forcefully entering the economy of the Northeast. Faber Industrie: sale of 99.41% to a subsidiary of the state group blocked Russian Rosatom for almost 150 million. The operation, which had been finalized for about six months, was stopped by the Prime Minister using the special powers of Golden Power. This is explained by the extract from the Dpcm of 1 June 2022 sent by Palazzo Chigi to the Chambers in recent days. This is the first time that the government has blocked a sale to a Russian company, previously only Chinese acquisitions have been stopped.
The transaction was notified by the company Fafin Srl, the holding company that controls Faber Industrie in Cividale del Friuli (Udine, with a total of about 350 employees, also has a factory in Castelfranco Veneto), and by Rusatom GasTech Llc, a company founded in 2020 and led by Nikita Davydov, also manager of Umatex, composite materials division of Rosatom State Corporation.
The majority shareholders of Faber, primarily the son of the founder Giovanni Toffolutti, current CEO, would have no problem finding another buyer. In recent months, in fact, other offers or expressions of interest from Italian and international funds had arrived for the company, a leader in the design and production of cylinders and systems for the storage of high pressure gas and also active in the energy sector. clean (biomethane and hydrogen), over 92 million in revenues and 3.5 million in profits last year. In particular, the French fund Tikehau, 35.5 billion in managed assets, would have shown up. And also the Italian Clessidra of the Pesenti family would have been on the track with millionaire offers.
On May 31, President Draghi signed the decree with which he exercised special powers on a technology transfer operation from Robox, an Italian company based in the Novara area, to the Chinese Efort Intelligent Equipment, leader in robotics and linked to Beijing government. It was the fifth veto placed in 17 months by the Draghi government, all concerning China. The decision on the Rosatom operation in Friuli is also a first for the hydrogen sector.


In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union approved a plan to eliminate all Russian fossil fuels within a few years. The United States, on the other hand, has announced a ban on imports of oil, natural gas and coal from Russia. For now, Russian nuclear power has not been targeted. The Biden administration had considered sanctioning Rosatom but immediately backtracked after pressure from the nuclear industry and in light of the willingness to use nuclear energy in the clean energy transition.
On 15 and 16 June a large part of the more than 300 employees of Faber Industrie joined a strike for the production and performance bonus. The agreement arrived on Friday. “They have managed to convince the company to maintain the current premium for at least two years with an economic increase of 240 euros on the profitability index, thus raising the overall premium to over 3 thousand euros – says Pasquale Stasio, secretary of Fim del Friuli Venezia Giulia – now the word goes to the workers. The company has informed us that it is suffering big problems due to the increase in energy costs. We asked the CEO Giovanni Toffolutti about this news of the stop to the sale, a rumor that had already been circulating for months but always denied by the company: he limited himself to confirming only that there were ongoing contacts with a company from the East. “.
When asked, both the CEO Toffolutti and the president Giorgio Visentini did not make any statements. According to some observers, the sale to Rosatom would have been stopped in any case: the embargo already in force since 2014 (Crimean annexation) was already binding.


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