From air conditioner to mosquito nets, guide to “summer” bonuses: how to save


From air conditioner to mosquito nets, guide to “summer” bonuses: how to save
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The increasingly extreme heat puts a strain on especially children and people with more years on their shoulders. The government provides incentives that can ease the burden of even the hottest, hottest days. Among these the bonus conditionersthe one for the mosquito nets and bonuses for awnings. There are stakes that must be respected and precise rules to follow. We look at them bonuses for bonuses.

Air conditioners bonus

The air conditioners bonus mainly rewards those who choose i heat pump air conditionerswhich allow to cool the rooms when it is hot and to heat them during the coldest seasons with a considerable saving in terms of gas consumption.

I’m able to delay the moment in which it will be necessary to turn on the boiler (or reduce its daily ignition hours) and therefore fall within the various energy efficiency measures promoted by the government.

The new systems are subject to different bonus logics. The fixed ones of energy category at least A + enjoy the personal income tax deduction of 50% over ten years or the discount on the invoice, provided that they are implemented by technicians who can certify their installation in accordance with the law.

Portable ones, on the other hand, are part of the household appliances family and are therefore incentivized by the mobile bonus, a 50% personal income tax deduction that can be applied to a maximum expense of 10 thousand euros for 2022 which will become 5,000 in 2023 and 2024. An accessible subsidy for furniture and large household appliances intended for properties under renovation. The furniture bonus also provides for a deduction spread over ten years. To be able to take advantage of it, however, the renovation work must have started on January 1st of the year preceding the purchase of the air conditioner. The mobile bonus can be used on multiple real estate units in the name of the same taxpayer.

By virtue of winter air conditioning, therefore gas savings, the replacement of old systems is subject to theecobonus at 65% or at a discount on the invoice. In this case, however, it is necessary to demonstrate that the new air conditioner is most efficient energy category than the one replaced. The certification must be presented to the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Aeneas) by the installer.

The “mosquito nets” bonus

The air conditioner par excellence recalls the summer. In addition to the air conditioning bonuses, for the summer there is also an incentive for mosquito nets which, we quickly recall, also concerns those with insulating screens and which give the right to a tax deduction of 50% with a maximum spending limit of 60 thousand euros. . The fact that the chosen mosquito net includes a screening, makes this facility fall within the group of bonuses for improving energy efficiency and, consequently, the deduction can be replaced by the discount on the invoice or by the assignment of credit, which is why it is necessary be sure immediately that the installer is among those who apply this method.

The bonus “awnings”

Beyond the mosquito nets with shielding, even only the solar shields or those that are defined in jargon as the “mobile blackout technical closures” (the prosaic name is awnings) are subject to the same logic of the 50% deduction up to a maximum expense of 60 thousand euros. Who has the right carries out an energy requalification of a residential real estate unit owned by him. Also in this case the personal income tax deduction is applicable over ten years or with the discount on the invoice with the transfer of tax credit.

Attention should be paid to the fact that the bonus only includes fixed tents that guarantee better energy efficiency. Unless further extended, the bonus is accessible until 31 December 2022.

It goes without saying that, in all these cases, the payment must be traceable.

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