From Metal Gear Solid V to Resident Evil: PS4 and PS5 games for less than 5 euros


From Metal Gear Solid V to Resident Evil: PS4 and PS5 games for less than 5 euros
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Although the news is never lacking, summer is notoriously a quieter period and therefore represents an excellent opportunity to recover the games escaped in the past, even better if on offer. The new promotion of the PlayStation Store falls just like a bean, full of high-quality titles at a bargain price. Sifting through the selection on sale, we caught a number of video games for less than five euros which in our opinion deserve a place in the library of all fans. Here are our new shopping tips!

Rayman Legends (4.99 euros)

Although it came out almost a decade ago, Rayman Legends is still undefeated in its field. Platform in two dimensions of exquisite workmanship, the work of Michel Ancel boasts an out-of-scale creativitya brilliant level design and a variety of gameplay solutions with which even today very few are able to rival.

The purple eggplant and its wacky companions have an innate passion for rhythm and stage a dance to the sound of jumps, punches, kicks and dunks which reaches its peak in the stupendous musical levels, among the highest points of production. In addition to the fingertips, Rayman Legends knows how to please even the eyes: thanks to an artistic direction that exudes love in every brushstroke, an enviable attention to detail and the UbiArt Framework, here at its peak. To embellish everything we think a substantial selection of the best levels taken from the previous chapter, Origins. Read the Rayman Legends review.

Resident Evil HD (€ 4.99)

Have you been passionate about Resident Evil only recently and did you want to find out where it all began? Then you absolutely must go to the mysterious, labyrinthine and terrifying Villa Spencer of Resident Evil HD.

Resident Evil HD is not the remastered version of the 1996 PlayStation original, it is the updated version of the remake landed on GameCube in 2022. The substance, in any case, does not change: thanks to this game you can experience the first adventure of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, two members of the Alpha Team forced to take refuge inside Villa Spencer after a rescue mission that went down the drain. In this iconic place they will come in contact with for the first time the infamous Virus-Tthe result of a series of secret Umbrella experiments.

The remaster is extremely faithful to turn-of-the-millennium material and is limited only to rejuvenate too old mechanics like the system of movement of the characters. The rest remained intact, he realized the famous fixed visuals – here embellished with HD graphics – that historical fans of the saga so much regret. If you feel like taking a long journey from the past and are willing to come to terms with mechanics and rhythms far from modern standards, then there is nothing better than a timeless classic like this one. Among our pages you will find the Resident Evil HD review.

Broforce (€ 2.99)

For those who can’t resist the testosteronic charm of ’80s action movies, we recommend Broforce. In the hustle and bustle of pixels in the 2D work of Free Lives it is possible to recognize the parodies of all the icons of cinematography devoted to the purest tamarind, which saw Stallone, Schwarzenegger and associates become symbols of American superomism.

Broforce, as well as a heartfelt and successful tribute to the purest action, is also and above all a great game, that can be immediate, addictive and fun at the same time. Without great preamble, he throws you in the midst of explosions, American flags and meat for slaughter, putting you in the shoes of one of the many heroes of the “Broforce”, a powerful paramilitary organization that annihilates with unprecedented violence every evil that threatens the world.

Each of the playable members is equipped with distinctive weapons and abilities, a feature that, together with thetotally destructible environment, also gives the production a strong strategic vein. The fun continues in multiplayer too, given that Broforce features both cooperative and competitive modes. You can read our Broforce review if you want to know more.

Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience (€ 3.99)

Although it is very likely that Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Edition is already in your library (it has already been discounted countless times in recent years), we want to make sure that no one among you has let it slip. With only 3.99 euros you can buy both the final pieces of the thirty-year epic set by the genius of Hideo Kojima, that is the prologue Ground Zeroes and the main course The Phantom Pain.

Ground Zeroes is a full-bodied appetizer: Set in 1975, it follows the exploits of Big Boss on an infiltration mission in Camp Omega, a detention facility south of Cuba where Paz appears to be held prisoner, given for dead after the events narrated in Peace Walker. Completing the main mission and the six Side Ops, all set in the same field, will not keep you busy anymore 5 hours (a little more, if you are a completist), but the experience serves as a perfect narrative and playful introduction to Metal Gear Solid 5 : Phanton Pain, which opens nine years later to David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World.

We prefer not to tell you anything about the plot: we can only tell you that it is able to give gods unforgettable moments, some of which are still causing the fanbase’s hard core to be discussed. Playfully speaking, however, The Phantom Pain catapulted the series into the genre open world, granting a high degree of freedom of approach and full control in the management of the Mother Base, from which all missions start. Read our Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review if you want to know more.

Outlast (1.89 euros) and Outlast 2 (2.99 euros)

If you can’t get enough of terror, then we recommend not one, but two games, which put together do not exceed the five euro threshold we established at the beginning. Let’s talk about Outlast And Outlast 2two first-person horror films developed by the independent Red Barrels team.

In Outlast, the protagonist is Miles Upshur, a freelance journalist who, following an anonymous report, goes to a remote Colorado psychiatric hospital to investigate the mysterious facts that happen there. Outlast 2, on the other hand, sees a couple of investigative journalists investigate a seemingly impossible murder of a pregnant woman: the trail of clues will lead them to a small town hidden in the heart of Arizonawhere Sullivan Knoth and his followers are preparing for the end times.

Set in the same narrative universe, the two titles also share the game mechanics they mirror the inability to fight of their respective protagonists. Forced to sneak through the crevices of the settings, they cannot help but get away from the threats by relying solely on a camera, the only tool that allows them to see in the dark. The sense of tension, already elevated by the disturbing atmosphere and enigmatic history, is further exacerbated by the need to manage the camera batteries wisely, which can be found by carefully exploring the settings.

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