From the party together with the private investigator: how the breakup between Totti and Blasi came about


From the party together with the private investigator: how the breakup between Totti and Blasi came about
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Find out about Who that his not yet ex wife would have hired a private investigator to follow him and see little Isabel involved involuntary spy of his betrayals infuriated the former captain

After all, it takes time and a certain commitment and several blows under the belt to destroy twenty years of love, to cancel those 17 of a fairytale wedding with which everyone, not just them, could dream and delude themselves that it was really forever. . The first blow was unleashed, at the end of February, on the unsightly site Dagospiarevealing to the gossip world that a third inconvenience had crept into the middle of the golden couple that seemed invincible, that is Noemi Bocchi from Parioli34 years old, an ex-husband (moreover happy to be released) and two children, passionate about Rome, padel and – as it was suggested – also the former Giallorossi captain, known in September-October right on a sports pitch.

Roberto D’Agostino’s scoop included the photos of Noemi in the stands of the Olimpico for Roma-Inter on December 4, 2021, sitting a few seats from the iconic number 10, which for the first time in two years returned to the stands, close but at a prudent distance. Bam. From that moment there hasn’t been a day that hasn’t been baptized by a revelation or a surprise twist. On repeat. So much so as to induce Francesco and Ilary – sincere or by script –to indignantly deny the crisis, asking for respect for the three children, Cristian, Chanel and Isabel, with a story on Instagram (he, dark and stiff, shot in front of a wall, like a convict with his platoon) and the images of a family dinner at Rinaldi at the Quirinale , but no kiss for the photographers who have been kissing for twenty years. Few believed in it.

Then the presenter of theIsland of the Famous, increasingly thin, went on TV on Canale 5 by her friend Silvia Toffanin to reiterate that they were only lies and that with her husband everything was going as it should, in the face of the jinx journalists. But on Rai2 from Francesca Fagnani instead he had admitted that no, our relationship would not stand up to betrayal. Any reference was perhaps deliberate. In the meantime, the paparazzi were stationed night and day under Lady Bocchi’s house, in search of the millionaire and compromising frame. Anything. And when the optimists were already beginning to think that it was only a colossal hoax to stir up this fluffy spring-summerhere is that on July 11 the bomb and the detonator again Dagospia explode, which announces a joint statement from the former football player and the former Letterina.

It is here that perhaps the fatal break between Totti and Ilary Blasi takes place, the one from which there is no turning back. He would like to write a longer, heartfelt, detailed text, she almost demands a telegram. They argue, argue, everyone does as he pleases. Before Ilary, cold, surgical, detached. Then Francis affectionate but also sad, solitaire y final. The farewell now certain, ratified by the double press release. We will not release any other statements intimating both of us, at least agree on this. But the infinite emptiness of their silence from that moment is filled with inferences, conjectures, reconstructions and the whole repertoire of the global chatter. No time to formalize the end of a love affair and Ilary is already on the flight to Tanzania with her children and her sister Silvia, in green socks and Gucci slippers immortalized on Instagram among zebras, elephants, natives, beaches and a sexy topless back , in a continuous barrage of photos and social stories which never stopped and continues today from the sands of Sabaudia.

Toast, baths and bikinis. Francesco, on the other hand, stays in Rome, in the Eur mega-villa, protected by friends and relatives, at most he plays padel with Vincent Candela. And here the unbridled media whirlwind: Ilary who exchanged compromising messages with an actor, not with a personal trainer, not with a hair stylist-influencer, Ilary who was crazy in Milan in company, Totti who flies to Tanzania to recover Ilary, Totti who violated the pact of secrecy getting caught under Noemi’s house, Totti who is running for elections, Totti who is already living with his new flame in an apartment in the North of Rome. Everything and its opposite, go know what’s true. Nothing, apparently. Except that the 2006 world champion, joined in Rome by his eldest son Cristian, tired and exasperated by the constant journalistic inferences. Relations with Ilary are at a minimum and the vaguely arrogant attitude of her, who remains on perpetual vacation, does not help, while the lawyers Alessandro Simeone and Antonio Conte are waiting to be able to start the separation procedure (still firm, without one of the two parties we cannot proceed), certifying the sentimental fracture with the complex division of assets.

Find out about Who that his wife, not yet an ex, would have hired a private investigator to follow him and, above all, even see little Isabel involved in the role of involuntary spy for his betrayals, literally infuriated him, so much so that he would be ready to publicly vent his anger. And the latest rumors about the October 2021 party at which he and Ilary were there but, at the next table, even Noemi Bocchi – coincidence or secret appointment – certainly did not tame him. His reaction in the air. Everything can still happen and everything, perhaps, will happen.

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