Ftse Mib: green light to sells after the detachment of dividends?


Ftse Mib: green light to sells after the detachment of dividends?
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The last session of the week ended with the plus sign for the European stock exchanges which, however, slowed down the pace in the final.

The Ftse100 rose more than the rest with a rise of 1.2%, followed by the Dax and the Cac40 which appreciated by 0.72% and 0.2% respectively.

Ftse Mib: the week ends with a little changed balance

Piazza Affari is also in green light, where the Ftse Mib finished trading at 24,095 points, up by 0.12%, after scoring a minimum of 24,035 and a maximum of 24,543 points in the intraday.

The weekly balance was also slightly positive as in the last five sessions the blue chip index rose by 0.19% compared to the close of the previous Friday.

The Ftse Mib, after the uncertainty shown at the beginning of the week that led it to a step from an altitude of 23,850 points, resumed the path of the rise and lengthened its pace towards 24,500 points, and then folded back up to the area of ​​23,700.

From this level a rebound started which saw the index return to put pressure on the 24,500 area at the close of the octave, with a subsequent fall towards 24,000 points.

Ftse Mib: focus on ex-dividend now. What scenarios?

In the next few sessions, everything will depend on how the Ftse Mib reacts after the detachment of the dividends on the agenda on Monday.
As many as 19 blue chips will detach the coupon, with an impact on the index in the order of about one and a half percentage points.

The Ftse Mib should report a decline in the order of about 350 points which, with the bowls stopped, should bring it back to the 23,700 area, on the lows of last week.

Negative will be an abandonment of this threshold, an event that will open the doors to a descent towards 23,300 points first and then in the direction of area 23,000, with subsequent projection at 22,700 and 22,500 points.

If the Ftse Mib manages to react immediately after the detachment of the dividends, it will aim first of all to reconquer the 24,000 area, beyond which the hardest obstacle to overcome will be at 24,500.

Overcoming this barrier will favor a rise in the index towards 25,000 and 25,500 points, with bullish extensions up to 26,000 points.

The market movers in America and Europe

In the United States, no major macro updates are planned for the first session next week.

On the corporate side, Zoom Video Communications’ accounts for the first quarter of the 2022-2023 financial year must be followed after the close of Wall Street, which should report earnings per share of $ 0.87.

In Europe we will look to Germany where the IFO index is expected which in May is expected to drop from 91.8 to 91.4 points.

Also in Germany to follow the auction of government bonds with a maturity of 5 and 11 months for a maximum amount of 3 billion euros for each bond.

On the agenda is a meeting of the Eurogroup which will also be attended by Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB.

Dividends: the stocks that detach on Monday 23 May

In Piazza Affari there was the detachment of the dividend of 65 shares, of which 19 blue chips.

Ftse Mib: A2A (0.0904 euros), Amplifon (0.26 euros), Atlantia (0.74 euros), Azimut Holding (1.3 euros), Banca Generali (1.15 euros – first tranche), BPER Banca (€ 0.06), DiaSorin (€ 1.05), ENI (€ 0.43 – balance), FinecoBank (€ 0.39), Generali (€ 1.07), Interpump (€ 0.28), IntesaSanpaolo (€ 0.0789 – balance), Inwit (€ 0.3225), Italgas (€ 0.295), Moncler (€ 0.6), Pirelli (€ 0.161), Recordati (€ 0.57 – balance), Tenaris (0 , 28 dollars – balance), Unipol (0.3 euros).

MidCap: AlerionCleanpower (€ 0.44), Anima Holding (€ 0.28), Ariston Holding (€ 0.14), Banca Popolare di Sondrio (€ 0.2), BF (€ 0.03), Brembo (0 , € 27), Brunello Cucinelli (€ 0.42), Buzzi Unicem (€ 0.4), Cattolica Assicurazioni (€ 0.15), De Longhi (€ 0.83), ERG (€ 0.9), Rai Way (0.2436 euros), Salvatore Ferragamo (0.34 euros), Technogym (0.16 euros), UnipolSAI (0.19 euros), WeBuild (ordinary: 0.055 euros – savings: 0.055 euros).

STAR: Banca Finnat (0.012 euro), Banca Ifis (0.95 euro), BE Think (0.03 euro), Biesse (0.624 euro), Cairo Communication (0.18 euro), Cellularline (0.05 euro + one share every 32), Cementir Holding (0.18 euro), Datalogic (0.3 euro), DEA Capital (0.1 euro), El.En (0.2 euro), Equita Group (0 2 euro – before tranche), FILA (0.23 euros), Fine Food & Pharmaceuticals NTM (0.16 euros), Irce (0.05 euros), Marr (0.47 euros), Mondadori (0.085 euros), Prima Industrie (0, 4 euros), Reply (0.8 euros), TamburiIP (0.11 euros).

Euronext Milan: Caltagirone (0.1 euro), Caltagirone Editore (0.03 euro), Enervit (0.11 euro), Ratti (0.1 euro), Toscana Aeroporti (0.3761 euro), Vianini (0.06 EUR).

Euronext Growth Milan: ALA (€ 0.47), Cofle (€ 0.33), Compagnia dei Caribbean (€ 0.065), Jonix (€ 0.076) and Pattern (€ 0.071).

The titles and topics to follow at Piazza Affari

Technoprobe’s first quarter accounts are on the agenda, while GEquity, Estrima and KI Group will lift the veil on the 2021 accounts.

A Leonardo meeting is scheduled to approve the 2021 financial statements.

On Monday there will be a reverse split of Saipem shares in the ratio of 21 every 100.

Finally, on Monday the capital increase of UCapital24 will start and will be carried out through the offer of 1,003,544 new ordinary shares in the ratio of one new share every 5, at the subscription price of 1.26 euros each.
The operation will close on 9 June next, while the rights relating to the capital increase will be listed until 3 June.

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