“Fuck Putin”, Angelina Jolie, 70 thousand spectators: the triumph of the Maneksin at the Circus Maximus


“Fuck Putin”, Angelina Jolie, 70 thousand spectators: the triumph of the Maneksin at the Circus Maximus
Written by aquitodovale

from Rinaldo Frignani and Federica Manzitti

The band live in the capital, in the audience many VIPs including Angelina Jolie and Russell Crowe

A flying carpet of mobile phones lights up chanting “Shut up and good”. The concert by Måneskin at the Circus Maximus for
over seventy thousand young people – whether the registry says it or not – standing on the lawn of the ancient stadium between the Aventine and the Palatine. Outfits for unrepeatable occasions, with a skilfully alternated black and white between Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan, which reflects both the game of smartphone torches and tongues of fire, the first of the special effects of a show worthy of the heritage of this place .

Very fast pace, energy, seductions, a “Hello Rome!” to break the ice, which ice is not on a hot day and set on fire by pyres and toxic clouds, but also eros, lightning fast lights and sweet poison. All in the rock liturgy that the band of ex buskers has shown to be able to officiate even in the presence of the mithraeum at the Bocca della Verità and the Temples of Portunus and Hercules, in front of the crowd among which some celebrities also found themselves in the area: Angelina Joliein Rome for the shooting of the film “Without Blood”, directed by herself, based on the novel by Alessandro Baricco, and then Russell Crowe,
Gabriele Muccino, Anna Foglietta, Edoardo Leo, Riccardo Scamarcio, Valerio Lundini and Anna Ferzetti.

A triumph, with the reply from Damiano who shouted “Fuck Putin, fuck the war and the dictators “as he did amid the controversy in Coachella, California, explaining this time:” We keep saying it even if someone bothers. And to those who disagree: fuck ». Then «Gasoline», dedicated to Ukraine, and an unpublished title inserted in the lineup “Trastevere”. “It’s a demo, but for this concert we decided to make you feel the same, it’s a piece not yet complete”, explains the frontman, who at the end invites a dozen fans on stage for selfies and wild dances, while Thomas at the last bis throws himself into the crowd and is fished out with difficulty by the security officers. «There are no words, an incredible goal for us!», Damiano admits again before throwing away the microphone.

Images of an event from the new “kings of Rome”, organized by Vivo Concerti with Rock in Roma, which arrived on time, despite the storm of controversy over epidemiological repercussions, the maxi fire between Don Bosco and Torrespaccata, on the eastern outskirts of the capital – which worried and not a little those who were heading to the center -, the discontent over the sale of alcohol and the usual traffic restrictions. Also because of beer it was distributed in rivers within the Circus Maximus, for some a contradiction with respect to the prohibitions imposed on the outside, at least on takeaway sales. Argument that has held court for weeks, with the exhibitors who have snatched the right to be able to serve it at the table outside the red zone. Inside, on the other hand, a bustle of plastic glasses full of “blondes” brought four at a time to the parterre before the concert begins. Scenes that will be discussed in the coming days.

A party not only for the 70 thousand present at theinside the incandescent basin, but also for the thousands of young people who have heard and seen (badly) the performance of the Roman band returned home after the international successes, and on the eve of the first world tour next autumn, even sitting on the walls of enclosure of the FAO building in Caracalla, transformed for the occasion into an unauthorized tribune. The Aventine and San Saba have also become listening points for those who have not been able to enter because they have no ticket. “For the Måneskin you can do this and more”, the boys sitting on the marble steps admit electrified. Below them an expanse of electric scooters, the only way to get past security barriers and traffic jams. But for the band born between Monteverde and Bravetta, an audience was not only unleashed, but also full of affection: many decided to bring the children too, breaking through the crowd, shaking them by the hand, to sing with them the hits of Damiano & co. memorized by radio.

Many families, not only with teenage children, and not only from Rome, but also smaller ones, dressed as mini-rock stars, with the group’s t-shirts and bandanas. Alongside them, groups of young people from Calabria and Puglia, Tuscany and Veneto. Even someone from Sardinia, disembarked from the ferry in Civitavecchia in the early hours of the morning.

An expanse of smiling faces on the banks of the Circus Maximus divided into two curves for 25,000 spectators. In the parterre – from 20 thousand – instead an outdoor disco. Gold business for the sellers of gadgets and T-shirts, as well as for the managers of the truck bars, let them park only on the Aventine to avoid further gatherings around the show.

Because very few have received the mayor’s appeal
Roberto Gualtieri – absent due to the fire emergency – to wear the masks
. Not even many of the 680 stewards did. The fears of some virologists for a possible wave of Covid cases in the coming days, due to the simultaneous presence of tens of thousands of people in one place, did not worry Måneskin fans too much. It was a party, and that’s what matters to them.

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