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After many years the whole truth emerges, the current lady of the UeD program has had a relationship with a very famous actor. That’s who we’re talking about you will never imagine who it is: all the details about it.

Gemma Galgani, former historian –

In recent times a media interest has started to circulate on the name of the now famous lady, to say the least shocking. With the passage of time, the woman has conquered the entire audience with the numerous events dealt with with the intent of studying the program of Maria De Filippi, that is Men and women. The lady has taken her place in the throne over for some time now and this has ensured that, never leaked details, were made public.

Furthermore, her love life currently seems full of surprises. She has lived in fact instants unforgettable behind the scenes of the studio and even in the numerous external made. The lady loves to enjoy every moment of her life giving the best of herself. This, however, was not enough at all to find a safety, a safe haven, in her love life.

Gemma Galgani
Gemma Galgani –

In fact, as she herself has always stated, despite the past years she is still looking for the love of her life, for contrasting and strong emotions. The latter, however, it seems that in her life they have never been lacking since, according to what has been leaked, she remembers an approach to a well-known actor. So let’s see in detail who they are and obviously how their relationship has evolved.

The lady of UeD, Gemma Galgani engaged to a well-known actor: that’s who she is

As you well know, the Men and Women program is currently on hiatus due to the summer season, in fact it will resume in a few months. Despite this, however, the rumors about the various members of the cast continue to circulate and indeed increase day by day. one of these in fact sees the lady particularly close to an actor. The news was leaked by her, one of the most feared women in Maria’s studio, that is Tina Cipollari. The relationship with the columnist Tina has never given sweet results, in fact the two continue incessantly to even bickering outside the workplace.

The actor in question is right Walter Chiari, with whom according to the columnist, the lady, entered into a love affair. Her role, however, was not at all a life partner but that of her lover.

Gemma Galgani and Walter Chiari
Gemma Galgani and Walter Chiari – Daily bed.i

“Enough of these scenes. You have done a lot in your life. I know you were Walter Chiari’s lover. I’m not saying anything that isn’t public. You have declared it! He said ‘I’ve had a life full of lovers … I preferred to be a lover than a wife. I had several lovers, including Walter Chiari “

The columnist was based on an interview with DiPiù, according to which there was actually some romantic between the two. To which the lady decided to counter by saying:

“It was known to all the insiders that Walter Chiari skipped the shows. I said it was a great professional understanding because I was his nurse when he came to do a show in the theater where I work. He was able to not show up at nine in the evening, I made sure that he respected his commitments. With me DiPiú was not serious and correctwrote things never declared. “

Obviously these words left everyone speechless. Not only for the approach to the well-known actor but also for the strong accusations addressed to DiPiù. A lot of gossip binds her sentimentally to Walter but apparently her rumor hides much more than a love affair.

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