General medicine. Silvestro Scotti reconfirmed as Secretary General of the Fimmg


The team that will support Scotti for the next four years is made up of Pier Luigi Bartoletti, Nicola Calabrese, Fiorenzo Corti, Domenico Crisarà, Alessandro Dabbene and Noemi Lopes. Giacomo Caudo confirmed as National President. Acclaimed Malek Mediati as Honorary National President

08 OCT

A full reconfirmation for the Secretary General Silvestro Scotti and its National Executive, with the entry into the team of a woman under the age of forty as required by the statute in the modification desired during the term of office by the outgoing Executive.

It is with this result that the 79th Fimmg National Congress in Villasimius (Sardinia) ended today. Following the election, the team that will support Scotti for the next four years is made up of Pier Luigi Bartoletti, Nicola Calabrese, Fiorenzo Corti, Domenico Crisarà, Alessandro Dabbene and Noemi Lopes. Confirmed as National President Giacomo Caudo. Acclaimed Malek Mediati in the role of honorary national president. Furthermore, Carlo Curatola received from Scotti the appointment to the role of Secretary of the National Secretary.

“First of all, thanks to the outgoing members of the National Executive for their work – says Scotti – and to the elected statutory roles such as Arbitrators and National Auditors, starting with the National Deputy Secretary Renzo Le Pera. I am happy with this reconfirmation first of all because it answers, through the voice of all the family doctors that I have the honor to represent, to the questions that matter most to me and that have accompanied me in these 4 years and will accompany me in the next: ” Did I do my job well? Did I direct this Association towards the solutions that the context required? ”. Today’s reconfirmation repays me for every effort and gives me new energy to face the trade union and professional battles that await us. The need for the near future is to face choices that are based on safe and reliable foundations. Economic crisis, pandemic crisis, international crisis and war, energy crisis cannot remain divorced from the discussion regarding the protection of health, a primary guarantee also as a cushion of the growing social unease in the country ”. In addition to underlining a strong thanks to all the leaders of the Union, from the Executive to the Regional Secretaries, Secretaries of Sectors and Provincial Secretaries, Scotti then reiterated that “general medicine remains an element of safety and reliability typical of the public health offer of our country and Fimmg – which has always represented its greatest professional, trade union, cultural and planning expression – will not escape a confrontation based on proximity, trust and free choice of citizens, founding principles of our discipline “.

“I am honored to have been included in this team – said the newly elected Lopes – in a profession that increasingly sees the presence of women. My election to the Executive, moreover, constitutes a strong message. It denotes the attention of the Fimmg to the growing protections of women’s issues. For the next few years I will carry out my task with the utmost commitment and without ever forgetting to be an expression of a base that is composed of individual colleagues who are increasingly young in their professional integration, who find themselves operating in a constantly changing and characterized scenario. from rapidly changing needs “.

08 October 2022
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