Gf Vip 4, Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro reveal what makes them fight


Gf Vip 4, Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro reveal what makes them fight
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The fourth edition of the Big Brother Vip has given the passionate audience of the reality show the birth of an intense love story, the one between Clizia Incorvaia And Paolo Ciavarro. The couple, once they left the Cinecittà House, went through the stops, giving birth to little Gabriele a few months ago. In recent days the two Vippos have been on vacation in Lampedusa, the island where they conceived their baby. For the occasion, they were intercepted by the weekly Who for a long interview.

How does the couple’s life go after the birth of Gabriel? The answer of Paul:

Perhaps we have been careful: after the first month – which is not valid – we have carved out our own spaces: we went to Paris alone, we allowed ourselves some evenings off leave.

In the course of the chat, the son of Massimo Ciavarro confessed that he loved the body of Clizia pregnant:

Very honestly, since day number one I have been looking forward to her belly growing, and from month to month I saw her more and more beautiful. Then, when I entered the delivery room, when I saw her, she seemed like a ray of sunshine. But there was a serenity in that room … I was uncomfortable, it seemed to me that I had brought anxiety in there. And I was very tried. I was sweaty, I had dark circles … The midwife told me: “What, did you give birth?”. In the end, however, I think pregnancy is a fantastic journey to do together.

Clizia Incorvaia she said she had “never been out of sight” by her partner:

Paolo was crazy, the first month he always got up with me at night when Gabriele woke up. Maybe Paolo slept an hour and then went to work, went to the Forum. He was always there and if I breastfed it was thanks to him.

What do they think of open couples? According to Clizia:

Saying “we are an open couple” means postponing the end of a relationship. For me, a couple is chosen every day and the relationship must be two; if not, it pollutes and closes. And then it is a kind of way of saying now: “I have not been betrayed or I have not been betrayed because we are an open couple”. It is not that I am a moralist, but I am sorry that a superficial message passes: being in a couple means committing yourself every day and open mind is something else: it is reading more, traveling more, listening more.

Paul he added:

For heaven’s sake, everyone is free to do what they want, but in my opinion monogamy is really the only way: I don’t believe in all this beauty and serenity of open couples. We have been addressing these issues at Forum for years and I have been saying that I am against it for years. If then the love ends … I believe that we can also leave well, not only with a betrayal, perhaps disguised as something else.

The one of Clizia Incorvaia And Paolo Ciavarro it is an example of an extended family. The influencer got from Francesco Sarcina his first daughter, Nina:

It is a job, indeed, it is “the” job. For example, when I learned I was pregnant I started working with Paolo for family harmony, for our new balance, we did it right away: we started telling Nina that she was fundamental in this journey, that she had to help me, and if she said to me: “No mom, I don’t want my little brother anymore”, then I used reverse psychology, I said to her: “Come on, but I don’t even give him anything to eat”. And she: “No mom, I’ll protect him”… I made her feel important right away, so when she met him she was happy. I did it because I suffered my brother to death. Today I would give my life for him – as well as for my sister – but then I suffered from a morbid jealousy, so now I have been noticed.

Paolo makes Nina feel the esteem he has towards Francesco; our relationship – mine and Francesco’s – in the past was not idyllic, but Paolo also helped me to find a balance with my ex, it was important. I know that it is difficult for women, it is difficult to find a man with whom to create all this: you think of your daughter, you think of you, it is not easy, I call it the club of the separated, you kind of recognize those people who they are part of. Now I know that you can have an extended and peaceful family, which is not that of Mulino Bianco, which does not exist, but you work in that direction.

On his job as an influencer where you must always look impeccably:

But we are not fish in an aquarium. And this thing is heavy, I’m honest, when I suffer attacks I struggle to let go, they invade me a lot. You have to always be up to it, so every now and then I get anxious to perform, in a plastic society I always have to be perfect, the best of the others; restlessness assails me every now and then, but I’m working on it, I don’t want to be the top of the class anymore, on the other hand being a public figure doesn’t justify every wickedness, I’m not the pungiball of others’ frustrations.

Very much in love, very close and the physical attraction is skyrocketing. But is there something they fight about? Clizia Incorvaia admits that:

A? We, who have a communion of values ​​and look at life in the same way, clash because Paolo is excessively precise, at times he puts a bit of anxiety and pressure on you, I am more careless, I arrive late, he arrives with five minutes early and he sends me to the asylum, at the end I tell him: “Paolo, leave me”.

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