Gf Vip 7, Francesco Chiofalo tells of the background on Antonella’s father


Gf Vip 7, Francesco Chiofalo tells of the background on Antonella’s father
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Antonella Fiordelisi is one of the most talked about protagonists of the Gf Vip 7 and in the course of the last episode of the reality show was once again the center of attention for her love affair. In fact, her ex-boyfriend has entered her house Gianluca Benincasa for comparison, after gieffina has entered into a relationship with Edoardo Donnamaria.

To have his say on this triangle, claiming that Antonella And Gianluca they lie is Francesco Chiofaloex-boyfriend of the Fiordelisito the microphones of First of all though Chiofalo talked about the end of their story and the fact that Antonella she would have interrupted the relationship to be able to move to Milan in the apartment bought for her by her parents, who, however, would not have allowed her to move until they had broken up:

True, they blackmailed her. She told me that her parents would not send her to Milan until she left me. We weren’t in crisis, we were fine together. We would never have broken up if her father hadn’t intervened. But heavy things: blackmail, quarrels inside the house with the father who wanted to leave me. I didn’t want to rage even in the case of Gianluca Benincasathe former of Antonella who entered the House and which I heard until yesterday. He is not her ex, they had sex until the day before she entered the GF Vip House. She also stated it Antonella in the House. They pretended to break up so that she could enter the Gf Vip. Gianluca he was wrong, he had to tell the truth but he couldn’t do it. I also told him yesterday on the phone.

Then referring to Gianluca and his silence continued:

He didn’t tell me he covered it up, but that’s it. The same Antonella she admitted she slept with him until before entering the house. It is a theater that I imagine the father will have organized. The problem now is that she is engaged to two people. Then if Gianluca he wants to cover her up and say they broke up in June, he will do it by going against himself. I really asked him how convenient it would be for him to publicly tell such a version.

While as for why Benincasa don’t say anything about it, said:

He probably doesn’t want to muddy it. He still thinks that once Antonella will have left the House, there may be a future between them and does not want to be scorched. I also told him that she made a fool of the House by coming in and saying only a quarter of the things he should have said.

Chiofalo then continued by telling some incredible background:

I have the chats of when we were together and of her, who at one point had to enter the Island of the famous, who wrote me that we should not post stories together because she had to be single. Another time, checking on the phone of Antonella, I found chats where her father asked her “What do you still have to do with this? What you were supposed to get, you got it. Look who has entered Naples, this new player. Why don’t you follow him? ”. I took screenshots of those chats and sent them to my phone. He advised her which famous to focus on. In fact, I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. The level is this. I am the son of a builder and my mother is a magistrate, I come from a good family. My parents never liked those of Antonella. And at GF Vip we saw who the father is.

Then always referring to the family of Antonella and to the words of Gianluca to the Gf, he continued:

When Gianluca to the Gf he said he didn’t like the family of Antonella because “he has no qualifications”, he was telling the truth. Antonella he never formalized the story with Benincasto. Because? Because she doesn’t have a blue tick, she has no followers. If you were a footballer, a tronista, you would have made it official. He told the Gf: “I have no qualifications for the father. I’m not famous, I’m nobody ”. Edoardo Donnamaria All right. Because he is famous, from a good family. The level is this.

While as for why Antonella would accept all this, Chiofalo he has declared:

Gianluca he said the same things I do. All of us exes say that. Because she is plagiarized by her father. I have all the chats about this stuff, about her saying “My father says they don’t make me do anything on TV because I’m engaged to you, that we have to break up”. I have it all. He said it to me, let alone this poor fellow Benincasa, which is not famous, what he said. He uses them all, you don’t understand that he is using it as well Donnamaria and what will a fag do?

Regarding the nascent history between the Fiordelisi And Donnamaria, Francis he confided that he had very clear ideas about what will happen:

She will use it as a pedal for as long as she needs it and then kick him in the ass as badly as she did with the others, on orders from her father. I don’t think she can be honest with a psychological situation of this type. Remember that in the beginning it was not even good for the father Donnamariait was better Antonino Spinalbese. She has stated this several times. Between the two, Antonino has more titles. Then when he saw that the public approved of the couple, he changed his mind.

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