Gf Vip, Guenda Goria after the surgery: I will try again to have a child “


Gf Vip, Guenda Goria after the surgery: I will try again to have a child “
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They have been very hard days for Guenda Goria. The theatrical actress after an ectopic pregnancy underwent emergency surgery for the removal of a tuba. A psychologically difficult intervention for all women to face. The daughter of sports journalists Amedeo Goria and Maria Teresa Ruta in recent times has had to face many health problems caused by endometriosis, a devious disease that is rarely talked about. A few months after the wedding, when the worst seemed to be over, she arrived for Guenda like a cold shower the news of the abortion.

Like a lioness, Guenda Goria she is facing these last weeks with grit and determination, without ever losing hope of fulfilling the dream of motherhood. Recently, she gave an interview to colleagues from Fanpage.itwhere she confessed the reasons that led her to document everything on social media:

Yes, some still don’t share it, but I mean, why show up in the ER no and in a bikini instead? If I do it is for a social benefit. If I had known a similar history of extra uterine pregnancy, for example, perhaps I would have thought about the symptoms I had first. There are many women who have a dramatic medical history. I have read and listened to many and each is unique and wonderful, worthy of being told. I’d like to write them in a book.

Guenda Goria he said he rediscovered a strong attachment to life:

Mentally now I feel better. I am rediscovering a strong attachment to life, because I risked losing it. I’m just really happy to be back home with the man I love. I had a really bad time, it was traumatic. Suddenly I realized I was pregnant and soon after I lost the pregnancy. Psychologically it was a short circuit.

It wasn’t a desired pregnancy. We were trying, but I didn’t know I was pregnant, I found out in the hospital when they explained to me that the pregnancy was not where it was supposed to be. We tried drug therapy to avoid the operation. I returned home, but a few days later, at night, I had a heavy bleeding: the tuba was totally compromised. They had to remove it and perform a scraping. It was indescribable. They say it’s a much stronger pain than childbirth.

Despite the removal of a tuba, she did not lose the desire to become a mother:

According to the doctors, there is a possibility of getting pregnant, so we will certainly try again. It is clear that in my situation, however, already suffering from endometriosis and having been operated on an ovary, it will not be easy. Now I have also removed a tuba, so if a baby is born he will at least be a juggler. I have not lost the desire to become a mother, but for a while I will be quiet and at rest.

During the interview she was asked how she feels on an emotional level:

Quite well, not having had time to “get attached” to the pregnancy helped me not feel a sense of grief. It is probably more Mirko who suffers from it, he is really very tried. He now he is very afraid to leave for work and leave me alone, because when I was sick he wasn’t there. Seeing me suffer without being able to do anything doesn’t have to be easy for him.

Guenda Goria And Mirko Gancitano do not exclude the possibility of adopting a child:

Absolutely, I’d love to. I think it’s a great act of love and that parenting has to do with biological factors to some extent. Unfortunately, however, it is not a very easy path for couples, I would hope it was more so.

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