Giancarlo Magalli to Verissimo: ‘I had lymphoma, now I’m fine’ – Cultura & Spettacoli


Giancarlo Magalli to Verissimo: ‘I had lymphoma, now I’m fine’ – Cultura & Spettacoli
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Losing 24 kilos, Giancarlo Magalli returned to TV after months of absence, a guest of Silvia Toffanin on Verissimo, and recounted his fight against lymphoma.
“I’m recovering a little at a time, I’m healed,” explained the conductor. “It all started less than a year ago, I felt pain when I went to bed at night, and I went to have some checks done. The doctors saw something that didn’t convince them much. We had scheduled further checks. However, it happened that I suddenly caught an infection, quite serious too. Fever at 40, delirium. Luckily I was at home and one of my daughters was with me, who called the ambulance. I was taken to hospital, emergency room, ambulance. I was treated for this infection. I was having visions. I was doing things, probably on these drugs, that I shouldn’t have been doing. One night I ripped out the catheters I was wearing. We have to tie him up in bed, the doctors said, otherwise he needs someone to check him”.
At that point “the first of the good things happened in this affair: my families – said Magalli, two marriages behind them – mobilised, took turns on sentry duty all night long to watch over me. The infection ended, I continued the tests and it turned out that I had lymphoma around the spleen. It’s a tumor, but it belongs to the category of tumors that can be treated. They told me immediately: it will be treated, it will take a few months. In fact now I don’t have it anymore, I’m cured. I’ve resumed my normal activities. I’m doing a light therapy, a trim. It cost me seven months between hospitalizations, at home, away from home, physiotherapy, people who owe you stay close for the injections and the pills. It wasn’t easy. Just think that my daughters were told, as soon as they were diagnosed: “If you take care of it, you’ll get well, if you don’t take care of it, you’ll die in two months”. They were all terrified, but I didn’t they said it more affection and attention”.
Today Magalli feels “good. I no longer have problems walking, eating, sleeping. I hardly take any medicines anymore. A few months ago, I didn’t hope to quickly reach such a rapid conclusion”.
“Few people knew about the disease. We don’t talk about it a little for superstition, a little because we need to understand in which direction we are going”. The colleagues? “It’s not that they crowded, those who took over my plans waited for me not to get back on my feet. Friends were close to me, other less friends didn’t show up, but who cares about them”.
As for Rai, “I pay the fee like all of us – he replied with irony – and I wait for them to show up. Rai is Rai. I’ve been working there for more than 50 years. I know it well. I know exactly what Rai’s limits are When, some time ago, I said that gratitude wasn’t really Rai’s strong suit, I was a little angry. But it’s also quite true. The fact is that Rai is not a person, it’s not a boss with whom you have a good relationship or bad. It changes all the time. You find yourself talking to different people. There are those who look up to you, those who don’t look up to you, those who can’t wait to get you to work and those who can’t wait to get someone else to work You must bear this in mind as you must bear in mind, however, that it is the company in which I have spent my whole life. I wrote to Coletta, our director, just to let him know that I was alive and well, that I was fine, in the hope that something can be reconstructed.
All the plans that I left with the disease and gave someone else went so-so.”


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