Gianmarco Tamberi jumps into gold and confirms himself as king of the high – Sport


Gianmarco Tamberi jumps into gold and confirms himself as king of the high – Sport
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Gianmarco Tamberi keep jumping in gold. Failed the appointment with the glory at the World Championships of Eugene, she redeems herself in Munich, illuminating the evening and recovering the European title of the high jump with the measure of 2.30. The blue has imposed himself with authority and, after having signed the success, overcoming the winning measure on the first attempt, he went to celebrate with his future wife, showing everyone the gesture of the wedding ring. Later he failed the 2.32 and 2.33, but only for pleasure, with the gold medal in his pocket.

Tamberi: ‘When you win, then there is always someone waiting for the error’

It is the second gold medal for Italy at the Munich review, after that of Jacobs in the 100: it is the same magical combination of Tokyo, and the coincidence sounds a good omen for the 4×100 relay that from tomorrow morning will see the Olympic blue sprinter again on the track last summer. Also for him and for the other Italian relay runners, there will be anyway to deal with the bad weather that wet the track tonight, affecting – to the downside – the performance of those who had to take a run and detach on the platform from above. And in these conditions, beyond the state of form, Tamberi’s upper class emerged, then irrepressible in his post-gold celebrations.

The cool, humid Olympiastadion evening sported a Filippo Tortu in great shape: the blue qualified for the final of the 200 meters, winning his own semifinal with a time of 20 “29. The blue is the third qualifying time, out of eight.” Tomorrow the favorites for the podium I dream of the British. I will have to play my best race ever for a medal, but I can do better than tonight. “This is the first comment of Filippo Tortu – it was not the race I wanted. The start was not optimal, but I am calm. Tomorrow I will sell my skin dearly: it will be the most important race of the year, as in the morning it will be for my teammates in the relay “, he concluded, confirming that he will not be part of the 4×100 quartet.

La Fidal has formalized the names of the relay runners. Jacobs, Tamberi’s golden twin, after having been given the green light by the federal medical staff, made himself available immediately for tomorrow morning: Italy will run in the second battery at 10.10 with Lorenzo Patta, Jacobs in fact, Matteo Melluzzo and Chituru Ali. The 4×100 women will instead be formed by Zaynab Dosso, Gloria Hooper, Anna Bongiorni and Alessia Pavese. Lorenzo Benati, Vladimir Aceti, Brayan Lopez and Pietro Pivotto among men; Anna Polinari, Raphaela Lukudo, Virginia Troiani and Alice Mangione among women, will form the 4×400 relay.

Back on the track, Dalia Kaddari she qualified for the final of the 200, finishing in fourth place the semifinal in 23 “06, a time that earned her the repechage as the eighth participant tomorrow. Fausto Desalu, on the other hand, was unable to qualify for the final of the 200. The ‘his’ semifinal, the first match of a program delayed by the heavy storm at the Olympiastadion, was won by the British Hughes in 20 “21; the blue finished fourth in 20 “48, which did not allow him the repechage.” I’m sorry – the first words of the Olympic relay – because the final was within my reach. “Disappointment for Pietro Arese who, in the final of the 1500, obtained the fourth place, at the end of an excellent race. The blue was preceded by the Norwegian Ingebrigtsen (gold, in 3’32 “76), by the British Heyward (silver, in 3’34” 44) and from the Spanish Garcia (bronze, in 3’34 “88). For Arese an excellent 3’35 “00, which is also the fourth Italian time ever. Less for Larissa Iapichino in the long run: the blue stopped in fifth place, jumping 6.62 meters.


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