Gigi D’Alessio, event in Naples (and on RaiUno) for 30 years of career: “I sang from weddings in New York. I got more than what I gave ”- The set list – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Gigi D’Alessio, event in Naples (and on RaiUno) for 30 years of career: “I sang from weddings in New York.  I got more than what I gave ”- The set list – Il Fatto Quotidiano
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“Turning on the TV lights in Campania is very important and I am happy to do so on the occasion of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of my career”. Gigi D’Alessio will be the protagonist of two concert-events in piazza del Plebiscite in Naples on 17 (“sold out in three hours from the sale“) And June 18 with”One like you – Thirty years together“. The evening of the 17th will be recorded live by Rai Uno’s cameras under the direction of Duccio Forzano. Many guests and friends on stage including Amadeus, Alessandra Amoroso, Fiorello, Vanessa Incontrada, Achille Lauro, LDA, Fiorella Mannoia, Vincenzo Salemme, Eros Ramazzotti, Alessandro Siani, Mara Venier, Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino (conductors of the Tim Summer Hits from 30 June on Rai Due), Clementine And Luchè. With the support of RAI per il Sociale, during the live concert of the event, the extraordinary fundraising will be promoted with the solidarity number 45592, launched by Santobono-Pausilipon Foundation of Naples, to welcome and treat children with serious illnesses from Ukraine. During the concert on June 18, a docu-film will be recorded.

What can you tell us about the lineup?
With Fiorella Mannoia I will sing in duet ‘L’ammore’, contained in my album ‘Noi Due’ and ‘What women do not say’ that we will dedicate to Naples. I asked my colleagues to sing their hits, I want the square to turn into a karaoke. With Fiorello we will pay a great tribute to Renato Carosone. Mara Venier saw my son Luca e will do a kind of ping pong of questions between me and him. LDA will then sing his song and I will accompany him on the piano. He was once referred to as ‘son of …’, now I’m saying I’m ‘daddy of …’ (laughs, ed).

Will there also be moments dedicated to artists who are no longer there?
Of course! We will pay tributes to Mario Merola (I will sing with his son), to Maradona, to Totò, to Lucio Dalla and of course to Pino Daniele.

Was it difficult to organize such an event in the area?
Yes. I personally took care of all the talks with the Municipality, the Region and the Prefecture. A long work that started last September. Tiring. I hope that those who come after me will find a smarter organization because it is important to turn on a beacon on our territory which is beautiful. There is an extraordinary induced on this event e we employ 3,900 people.

Why precisely Piazza del Plebiscito?
I could have done this event at the San Paolo stadium, brought the money home and goodbye and thank you. I did it for my people, for those who bought the ticket and wanted a special evening. There will also be a moment when I will sing at the San Carlo in Naples, a wonderful theater. On stage there will be Amadeus who will entertain the audienceduring my absence.

What will you sing at San Carlo?
The song that opened the doors of the world to me: ‘Never tell him’. And I will do it together with an orchestra of women only (there will be 32). It will be truly magical.

Is there anything you wouldn’t do in these 30 years of career?
There is only one life and must be lived by accepting what happens. I remember the first emotion when I saw the touts outside the Arcobaleno Theater in Secondigliano, where my first concert was scheduled. I had out only an album with 8 songs and there was already an extraordinary movement around me. I have sung at weddings and baptisms and there are no tricks or deceptions there. You sing only with your voice. Then I went all the way to New York on my tour. In short, I always say: I got more than I gave and I will never stop thanking the people who believed in me.

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