Giorgino, Chimenti and D’Aquino, war of medical certificates on Tg1


Giorgino, Chimenti and D’Aquino, war of medical certificates on Tg1
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The three presenters of the 8pm edition would have refused to deal with the morning press review, as requested by the director Maggioni, for health reasons

It’s all written in the medical certificates. Those that the three of the four presenters of Tg1 at 8 pm, Francesco Giorgino, Emma D’Aquino and Laura Chimenti, would have presented in time, before being removed from the prestigious 8 pm conducting – and «relegated»On the field at 13.30 – for having declined the invitation of director Monica Maggioni to conduct the early morning press review.

At dawn

Very soon, given that to be on video at 6.30, without showing off a little telegenic panda dark circles and ruffled hair, you must first switch from make-up and wigs, as well as read the newspapers, in order to be able to talk about them with confidence to viewers. And so you have to show up to Saxa Rubra around five o’clock, at the first light of dawn. Not always, be careful, but for 5 consecutive days every month and a half. And immediately all to say, to insinuate, to give for certain that it was the idea of ​​the early dawn that horrified the three well-known and loved Rai busters, accustomed to more comfortable times.

The three rebels

Only Alessio Zucchini, perhaps because he has so many hard precarious years behind him before joining Rai, accepted without flinching. And it remained in his place. For the three “rebels”, however, Monica Maggioni would have ordered a move with immediate effect, communicated by letter without too much notice. Just as the project started in a short time. Moreover, the director is very keen on this morning press review, where, as in any field she has measured herself, she would like to excel, beating the competition, external and internal. Giorgino, Chimenti and D’Aquino were painted as lavative, lazy, spoiled (or optionally, victims of an overly uncompromising and strong-willed director). In reality, each would have presented a detailed medical certificate attesting to the impossibility of facing too tiring shifts. In short, the no would be motivated by proven health needs. Especially in the case of Giorgino, whom Monica Maggioni herself appointed deputy director of TG1, immediately after his inauguration, in November 2021. And who after the last conduction at 8 pm greeted the public: “Thank you and see you all” .

Cracked relationships

The conductor, even before being selected for the task of the press review at 6.30, would have asked for a reduction in the workload for health reasons. On the advice of doctors. Not to avoid early alarms, also because, in the role of him, he has worked several times early and often until late in the evening, with over 400 days of past holidays to demonstrate his commitment to him. “I’m not authorized to speak, the matter is being evaluated by my lawyers,” he limited himself to saying to the Adnkronos agency. Sorry for being portrayed as a riotous slacker or a vain who feels like a star. In the usual corridors of Saxa Rubra it is said that his relations with the director had long since been flawed. Differences of views. And of deployment: Maggioni very governmental, Giorgino in a generic center-right share. Emma D’Aquino and Laura Chimenti would also have justified the no with a medical certificate and would be surprised and mortified by the abrupt order of service. Among the eligible substitutes, in the front row is Giorgia Cardinaletti, much appreciated by the director.

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