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Timeless icon of music, Ornella Vanoni destroys her fans with a social post.

Different, out of the chorus, curious even if shy, unconventional, but disciplined, in life as in her profession, theater and pop music: Ornella Vanoni has made her being an artist a virtue. An extraordinary career and an extraordinary artist who still today makes millions of fans (and even some sympathizers) dream.

With her 88 candles, 61 albums to her credit, the great successes collected during her incredible artistic parable, Ornella has given the recent announcement that has frozen the blood of the fans.

Award-winning artist with an unmistakable stamp Ornella received the Special Tenco Award with this motivation:

“Extraordinary example of interpreter and author of a song that is always intelligent and at the top of artistic quality, from the very beginning he has provided often unprecedented musical suggestions and has continued to do so throughout his career. With an unmistakable style that favors emotion, he presented us the songs of the mala, the compositions of the Genoese and Milanese songwriters, the great Brazilian poetic song, also discovering new compositional talents in the young Italian generation “.

She, mysterious and clearly as only the great divas can be; her, with the way of making her more unique than rare; that she has written some of the most wonderful pages in the history of our music is finally out in the open.

Personality capable of capturing great curiosity towards her, Ornella has always been the subject and collaborator of numerous interviews that have given credit to her great frankness.

Today, in an increasingly connected world, too Ornella entrusts her most intimate words and the story of her darkest moments to her social channels.

Not long ago, in fact, the singer announced a devastating news via Facebook post, and then also Instagram. Fans have been overwhelmed by bad newswhich came suddenly, which unleashed them on the web.

The timeless Ornella, with a post on Facebook immediately after reposting also among the Instagram stories, has in fact announced to her fans that she needs to take a break.

“It will have happened to everyone to have a nightmare, hardly a positive one. I was in battle with me, I was agitated, still too much pain, and suddenly I hear confused voices that speak loudly and overlapor – he explained on his official page – So I woke up to look for the wax caps. Useless, the voices were in my head. At that moment I made a decision: I had a great project but now I don’t feel like doing it, and this summer will be dedicated to rest “.

The veteran of Italian music thus concluded her sad message. Destroyed her fans who, however, comment with almost a thousand responses in which they expressed all their admiration: “Well done Ornella, always with great projects and a lot of irony !!! We want you so big Ornella !.

Best wishes!“Someone writes and others finally linger on Vanoni’s decision, stating: Rest is essential to regain your energy, you are a superwoman and I always follow you with admiration, in my concerts there is always a modest tribute to your great art “.

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