Goodbye to petrol and diesel, the “war” against the European Union starts: Italy’s moves to overturn everything


The world of automobiles is about to be overwhelmed by a wave of revolution never seen before. But all is not yet said, what is really happening in these hours.

What is happening across Europe with regard to the future of the automobile is in some ways revolutionary. We refer to the stop of the sale of cars powered by petrol and diesel strongly desired by the European Union and which will come into force starting from 2035. This amendment, however, continues to be discussed, and how it does cause discussion.

Stop petrol and diesel starting from 2035: Italy’s position on the matter (Web source)

For example, the Italian government is against this decision. This is confirmed by Giancarlo Giorgetti, minister of economic development, who in the course of an interview with “Il messaggero” came to use really strong words to define a certainly epochal decision. “Euthanasia of our industry”, he specified referring to the stop of sales of petrol and diesel vehicles. He also considers it an ideological choice as well as a great disappointment.

Stop to petrol and diesel in 2035, Italy gets in the way: the details

According to Minister Giorgetti, this choice will have a negative impact on Italy to say the least. The honorable Member stressed that we cannot ignore it and not highlight the problems and concerns of entrepreneurs and workers. In fact, the man highlights the risk of having to deal with the increasingly significant presence of Asia and in particular of China from the automotive point of view.

Europe runs the serious risk of losing its productive autonomy for the four-wheeler sector, thus becoming increasingly dependent on supplies arriving from Asian markets. Stopping the sale of petrol and diesel-powered cars therefore remains a very hot topic for the sector in question.

In any case, the road traced by the EU does not seem to foresee any kind of reverse. After the first yes from the European parliament, the next step will be the environment council on June 28th. Here, the member states will indicate their position pending the trilogue, the final negotiation with the European institutions. This handover that will see the electric at the forefront will bring inevitable consequences, as explained by Minister Giorgetti. But are we sure the game ends here?


Pending the final negotiations concerning the future of the automotive industry, Italy seems ready to go beyond the only criticisms of these days. Federico D’incà, minister for relations with the parliament, yesterday presented himself to the chamber to answer a question from some Forza Italia deputies.

Stop petrol and diesel starting from 2035 (Web source) June 16, 2022
Stop petrol and diesel from 2035 (Web source)

To one question in particular, the one about plans to change Europe’s mind, he replied that the discussion on the future of the automotive industry remains central and will be the subject of negotiation on the occasion of the Council of Ministers for the Environment on June 28th.

The Italian government – continues D’Incà – wants a compromise that allows the level of emission reduction to be kept high, but also to safeguard technological neutrality to accompany the transition path of the production chain in the best possible way. It’s hard to say how it will turn out. The goal is clearly to avoid the loss of many jobs between now and the next few years, as well as an excessive dependence on Asian companies.

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