Halloween Discounts on PlayStation Store: Best horror games on offer


Halloween Discounts on PlayStation Store: Best horror games on offer
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Horror games are good for us all year round, but ad Halloween they acquire an even more special flavor, especially when Sony offers them at a discounted price as part of the latest PlayStation Store promotion. There are more than three hundred titles on offer on the PS4 and PS5 digital store, all united by lowest common denominator of fear. However, finances are limited, so there are some choices to be made: here are the games that in our opinion deserve to be played during the scariest night of this 2022.

Resident Evil Village (PS4 and PS5) for 29.99 euros … or a Resident Evil of your choice!

What would Halloween be without Resident Evil? Let’s start by reporting you Resident Evil Villageeighth chapter of the series back strongly topical in view of the imminent launch of the expansion of the Winters (to be released on October 28 at a price of 19.99 euros).

The story, told from a first-person perspective exactly like Resident Evil 7, sees Ethan Winters searching for his daughter in a village lost in Eastern Europe. What comes out is a real one videogame horror gallery set in one of the most fascinating settings of the saga, populated among other things by a cast of anthology villains.

Before purchasing, you can download the new 60-minute Resident Evil Village demo for PS4 and PS5 for free, which also allows you to try the third-person view included in the paid Winters expansion (along with the additional story “The Shadows of Rose “and Mercenaries mode). Our advice is to buy the base game at a discount of 29.99 euros to then evaluate the purchase of the DLC at a later time. If, on the other hand, you are sure of yourself, cut the bull’s head and buy directly the new Resident Evil Village Gold Edition for 49.99 euros, which includes everything.

Village isn’t the only Resident Evil on sale: if you want to rediscover the origins of the saga, made up of fixed visuals, reasoned gait and crazy puzzles, then buy Resident Evil HD at € 4.99; if you are looking for the perfect combination of the old and the new, opt for the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, offered at 9.99 euros each; if, finally, you are curious to find out where Ethan Winters comes from, then Resident Evil 7 at 9.99 euros it is the one for you.

Martha is Dead (PS4 and PS5) for 20.99 euros

Driven by patriotic pride we recommend one of the most talked about products of the year, Martha is Deadan immersive and brutal all-Italian psychological thriller developed by LKA, Luca Dalcò’s studio a few steps from Florence.

Tuscany, 1944. The German army is moving towards retreat and the Second World War is about to end. In the role of Giulia, a psychologically unstable womanyou will have to solve the murder of his sister Martha, a task made even more difficult by complicated family dynamics and the volubility of the protagonist, whose mind oscillates between reality and fantasy.

Based on Tuscan folklore and encroaching on the supernatural, Martha is Dead tells a story with a brutality and a nastiness often unusual even for the horror genre. The disturbing narrative represents the main cornerstone of the production, which for the rest will ask you to explore an area that goes from Giulia’s house to the lake, to photograph the environments with a vintage Rolleicord and interact during escape sessions and dreamlike situations. Read our Martha is Dead review.

Visage (PS4) – 19.79 euros

Taking a cue from the concept behind PT, the now legendary playable teaser of the late Silent Hills, Visage is a first person psychological horror game set in a constantly changing house.

Visage’s house has witnessed terrible atrocities: families killed by their families, people gone mad, numerous suicides and other terrifying events. Forced to relive the fragments of this anguished past, as the protagonist you will have to fight to find a way out and keep your sanity without being able to rely on weapons and other instruments of offense, which could do nothing against the evil entities born from Sad Square Studio (here in his first work).

All you can do is collect key elements, interact with the environment and look for objects that can keep you afloat in this sea of ​​darkness. Read the Visage review.

Alien Isolation The Collection (PS4) – € 10.99

One of the best horror games of the last generation was developed by a team specializing in strategy games. Crazy, right? Yet it is so. If you have missed it in the past years, take advantage of this promotion to buy the exceptional Alien Isolation in its most complete version possible.

Set 15 years after Ridley Scott’s film, Creative Assembly’s first-person horror puts you in the shoes of Amanda, daughter of Ellen Ripley, who goes aboard the Sevastopol space station to unravel the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. To put a spoke in the wheel you will find, needless to say, a Xenomorph with superfine artificial intelligencewhich will continually hunt you down making you feel vulnerable, helpless and eager to escape the nightmare.

This edition includes, in addition to the base game, also the small narrative expansions “Sole Survivor” and “Expendable Crew” with the original cast of Alien, and five packages for the Survival mode, namely “Closure”, “Trauma”, “Refuge. safe “,” Lost contact “and” The trigger “.

Bloodborne (PS4) – € 9.99

Yes, we know that Bloodborne it’s not really a horror, but we challenge you to find a more macabre, sickly and deviant city than Yharnam, a maze of alleys, paths and castles populated by unclean creatures in the perennial search for blood. It cannot boast the extension of the much more recent Elden Ring, but playfully and artistically speaking the exclusive PlayStation 4 does not seem to have aged even a day.

Bloodborne paints a mythology fascinating and elusive at the same time, which in full FromSoftware style is whispered rather than told. From the other souls it is distinguished however with a more responsive combat systemwhich does without shields and focuses everything on the speed of execution of attacks and dodges, without skimping on the difficulty, always at the highest levels.

In fairness, we point out that Bloodborne is included both in the PlayStation Plus Collection available to all subscribers on PS5, and in the catalog of the newborn PlayStation Plus Extra. A game like this, in any case, in our opinion deserves to remain in the collection forever, free from any subscription.

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