Harley-Davidson, the new eBike Serial 1 arrive with integrated Google Cloud


Harley-Davidson, the new eBike Serial 1 arrive with integrated Google Cloud
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It’s been about two years since Harley-Davidson has spun off its business linked to the world of electric bikes within a company called Serial 1. Since then, this brand has brought to the debut a series of eBikes characterized by a very particular design and some refined technical solutions as well as some special models that were sold at auction. Now, for Serial 1 it is time to announce the second generation of its eBike Serial 1 / CTY designed for city travel and leisure.

The biggest novelty of the new models is the integration of some digital services thanks to the collaboration with Google Cloud.


By partnering with Google, Serial 1 has developed a new dedicated application to its eBikes that allows you to customize the experience of using the bikes. Through the application, people will have access to a series of bicycle safety functions, a navigation system based on Google Maps and real-time data of their movements.

And this is only the beginning. Access to Google Cloud analytics and business intelligence, as well as integration with Google Cloud AI functionality, will allow us to continually improve our apps in order to offer the best possible experience and ensure the highest level of security of the data.

In the future, therefore, further improvements should arrive with the possibility of being able to access new features. Another interesting aspect concerns the connectivity. Most eBike apps communicate exclusively via Bluetooth technology, which means that the functions are only available when there is a connection with another Bluetooth device. The next generation Serial 1 / CTY platform surpasses Bluetooth connectivity by incorporating an Internet of Things (IoT) device that allows connection not only via Bluetooth technology, but also using the mobile network. In this way it will be possible to manage the electric bike even remotely.


Going into the details of the app’s features, people will be able to take advantage of a security system called Pinpoint. Users will have the ability to precisely track and digitally lock their Serial 1 eBike, no matter how far away the bike is from them. In the event that motion is detected while the bicycle is digitally locked, the user receives a push notification with multiple security options controllable via the Serial 1 app including the ability to disable the electric motor, view the position of the bike and operate the lights of the eBike in “emergency mode”.

As for navigation, thank you integration with Google Maps you can easily plan a route. Users will then have access to a control panel with real-time data from the eBike such as the remaining range, distance traveled, pedaling efficiency and much more.

From the app it will then be possible to access a Virtual Garage where to register all your eBike Serial 1. Among the other functions of the app, the automatic reminders for maintenance. All Serial 1 / CTY bicycles are equipped with an integrated USB-C charging cable located under the stem designed to power a smartphone with which to use the Serial 1 app.


For the rest, there are no other important technical innovations in this second generation of eBike Serial 1 / CTY. All Serial 1 electric bicycles are designed and built in a dedicated facility located on the Harley-Davidson campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, using the same principles and processes that guide the development of electric motorcycles.

The range consists of models Mosh / CTY and Rush / CTY (in the basic and STEP-THRU variants). An electric motor is available on all models Brose S Mag with 90 Nm of torque. The battery can be 529 Wh or 706 Wh depending on the model chosen. In the European versions, pedal assistance reaches up to 25 km / h. These eBikes also feature a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt drive.

In Italy they can be purchased through Harley-Davidson dealers. THE European prices they range from € 3,999 to € 5,200.

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