Harry, new evidence on who his real father is. And Meghan Markle ruins the secret meeting


Harry, new evidence on who his real father is.  And Meghan Markle ruins the secret meeting
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With his autobiography, Shoot, Harry it not only shakes the Palace, but questions his descent from Charles. The rumors that the Prince may not be the son of the King are becoming insistent in recent times and it is for this reason that the theme will be dealt with in depth in his book. Meanwhile, it seems that because of Meghan Markle, the secret (and clarifying) meeting with her brother William, on a state tour in the US with Kate Middleton, is missing.

Harry, questioned Charles’s paternity

Harry may not be Charles’s son, but he could be the love child of Diana and Major James Hewitt. Rumors of him have circulated since the late 1990s and were so persistent due to the Prince’s uncanny resemblance to his mother’s mistress that to silence the gossip, Harry underwent a DNA test in the early 2000s. Then silence.

When Charles ascended the throne in September, however, the rumors resurfaced and the King’s paternity of Harry was questioned. It seems that a new test has been requested and that the candidates vying to father the Prince have multiplied.

Harry, new evidence about his real father

The question thus revived was gutted and clarified by Harry himself in his autobiography, Shootwhich will be released on January 10th. It would seem it was Meghan Markle who convinced her husband to discuss the subject in the book. According to sources close to the Sussexes, the Duchess would like to know for sure the lineage of her husband, also to understand what are the roots of her children, Archie and Lilibet. She underwent a DNA test herself and found out “that she was 43% Nigerian,” as she recounted in one of her podcasts about her. She expects Harry to do the same and clarify once and for all what her genetic makeup is. The book should finally reveal that and leave no more doubts about it.

However, New Idea magazine reports another version, namely that it would have been Harry’s ghostwriter, JR Moehringer, who wanted to deepen the chapter on the relationship between him and his father. “So it’s likely that he’ll be bringing up the Hewitt rumors in Shoot. What is certain is that Harry will reveal his doubts in this book, she thought Carlo wasn’t really her fathereven though they almost certainly share the same DNA.”

But on the real content of Shoot there is thick fog. So much so that the magazine In Touch argues that it cannot be ruled out that Hewitt could be Harry’s father, because the eldest and Diana began dating in 1986, that is two years after the birth of the second child. But even in this case, there is testimony to the contrary.

Indeed, the former bodyguard of the Princess, Barry Mannakee, said that Diana and Hewitt began their relationship in 1983 and that he himself smuggled the Major into Kensington Palace for the first time at the request of Lady D. “The first night at Kensington Palace was horrible. I was afraid that Carlo would break into the room,” the bodyguard confessed to the royal biographer, Anna Pasternak.

Harry, the secret meeting with William in the USA

Meanwhile, William and Kate Middleton are on a state trip to the US. In their official agenda there is no meeting with Harry and Meghan. But it seems that the two brothers intended to meet in secret to discuss many things, including the content of Shoot.

A source close to the Welsh Princes said: “William knows it is his job to keep the peace and try to make things work with Harry and Meghan. He feels obliged to meet his brother since he is in the same country ”. But William fears that Markle will put pressure on Harry to cancel the appointment at the last minute.


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