Has Barbara D’Urso become a grandmother? The unequivocal words to “Afternoon Five”


Has Barbara D’Urso become a grandmother?  The unequivocal words to “Afternoon Five”
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Barbara D’Urso greeted his audience at the end of thelatest episode of Afternoon Five of 2022, awaiting the return after the Christmas holidays. However, during the final greetings, the presenter expressed some words that aroused the curiosity of many: “My heart belongs to my two children, and to another person…”. A veil of emotion in her message and, above all, a lot of amazement among her viewers: Has the presenter become a grandmother?

Barbara D’Urso grandmother? The message to “Afternoon Five” arouses curiosity

With the advent of the holiday season, many television programs go on vacation in view of returning to television in the new year. Also Afternoon Five has temporarily closed its doors, with the last episode aired yesterday. On that occasion Barbara D’Urso greeted her loyal audience, revealing when the afternoon talk will be aired again on Canale5: “My friends and my friends, see you on January 9th. I thank you for all the great love you have given us this year in this fifteenth edition of Afternoon Five“.

Among the thanks, a special thought goes to her audience who follow her everywhere and who often defend her from social criticism: “Thank you for everything the great love you have shown and brought to me, following me here, on social networks, stopping along the way. I wish you a Christmas and a wonderful, serene start to the year, to spend in harmony. Remember: the fundamental thing in life is harmony, joy, smiles and love of any kind”.

However, during the closing greetings, his words aroused curiosity among the spectators, as well as his emotion: “See you live with Afternoon Five on January 9, 2023. My heart belongs to my two children, and another person… Ah, I was moved“. Words that seemed unequivocal to most and that would suggest only one thing: Barbara D’Urso she would become a grandmother. And that “person” to which she referred would not be a man or a mysterious boyfriend, but her nephew or niece: this is the interpretation that many have given.

Barbara D’Urso: silenced rumors and the desire to become a grandmother

If true, it would be one great joy for Barbara D’Urso, who has never hidden her desire to become a grandmother. And one of the two sons, Giammauro or Emanuele, may have fulfilled it in this period, as evidenced by the emotion at the end of the episode. However the rumors related to the birth of a grandson or granddaughter they had been circulating for some time, and “Barbarella” herself had intervened in very truein Silvia Toffanin’s living room, to comment on them.

“This news came out and I don’t even know how it got out. I don’t talk about my children, I’m very private and above all they are very private: their private life must remain private. This would be about me if it were true, but mostly about them. They are very discreet, so I can’t talk about them. I didn’t say no and I didn’t even say yes. In any case, I would be mad with happiness if it happened”: with these words the Mediaset face had silenced the rumors, neither confirming nor denying. Now, however, the I dream of being a grandmother it could turn out to be a splendid reality.


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