He does not know how to use the gearbox: he destroys 600 thousand euro supercars


He does not know how to use the gearbox: he destroys 600 thousand euro supercars
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From the United States of America comes a news that is unbelievable: a man has destroyed his supercar worth more than 600 thousand euros because it is unable to use the exchange rate.

The episode happened to Boca Ratoncity in Palm Beach County in the state of Florida. The car in question is a Ford GT Heritage Limited Edition, one of the most popular and desired sports cars of the stars and stripes brand in America and in the world.

Accident with the Ford GT because he does not know how to use the manual gearbox

On 1 May 2022, the owner of the Ford GT, crashed into a tree with his car. According to what was reported by the police, the accident occurred because the man “is not used to manual gearboxes”.

To reveal the details of the episode is the report drawn up by the police officers who arrived at the scene. The Ford GT was brand new: the driver had bought it in early April at an auction held by Barrett-Jackson. He had spent almost 704,000 dollars for the supercar 670 thousand euros.

The owner of the Ford GT, the legendary car that also inspired the film Ford vs Ferrari with Matt Damon and Christian Bale, is a 50-year-old from Boca Raton: he lost control of the car as he walked away from the residential complex where he lives. The same motorist told the police officers who rushed to the scene that he was not familiar with using the manual transmission. This is quite common in the United States, as most cars are equipped with an automatic transmission.

In the deposition to the police, the man stated that he had lost control while he was slowing down. The crash occurred when the 50-year-old tried to downshift from second to first gear. In addition to the unfamiliarity with the gears of the manual transmission, other factors would also have contributed to the loss of control of the car: the old and poor tires fitted to the car and the muddy ground on which the driver was driving around 56 km / h.

Fortunately, the driving speed was not high and this avoided serious damage to the driver. Despite this, the impact was such as to activate the aribag, disable the car and make it go off the carriageway, arriving on a pedestrian walkway. The accident was also tinged with yellow: the police declared that the car was not registered and not even covered by insurance; the owner of the car, on the other hand, simply explained that the documentation was not inside the cockpit at the time of the crash.

The Ford GT Heritage Limited Edition protagonist of the accident

The protagonist of the accident is one Ford GT Heritage Limited Edition, a limited version of the legendary GT presented by the US manufacturer in 2006. This variant is identical to the standard version from the mechanical point of view, but is characterized by a special light blue and orange body with white wheel rims. The livery is a tribute to the mythical ones Ford GT40 of the John Wyer Automotive Engineering team sponsored by the Gulf Oil Corporation who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans for two consecutive years, in 1968 and 1969.

Accident with the Ford GT Heritage Limited Edition: he did not know how to use the gearbox.

Ford, which just announced the arrival of seven new electric vehicles by 2004, produced the GT from 2004 to 2006. Another special version, the GT Performance Power Racing was created specifically to break the Guinness World Record for fastest road car in the world: a record achieved in 2012 when the car in question reaches 456 km / h.


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