Health card, chip alarm: health visits at risk?


The difficulty in finding the materials for the microchip forced the system to re-arrange a health card that does not have one. But maybe that’s not a problem.

Lack of raw materials and, consequently, a domino effect on the instruments for which they are intended. If this happens for various gases and metals, nothing prevents it from happening for other situations as well.

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Recently, there was talk of the semiconductor crisis as a possible source of problems for what concerned the so-called “chips”, that is magnetic readers that allow cards (credit cards but not only) to work. Problem that, apparently, it also concerned the ordinary health card, supplied to every citizen and functioning exclusively through their own chip, which also makes it possible to book a medical examination. Technically, the new cards do not involve the implantation of the chip. So much so that the Lazio Region Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato, explained to AdnKronos that the one carried out is practically a step backwards.

To suffer from the absence of the microcircuit, apparently decided at the table, could therefore be the medical examinations. And Lazio is therefore trying to prevent any problems due to the absence of the chip, creating “a task force with Laziocrea and the local health authorities to anticipate any difficulties in tracking data and health records “. A plan that, on paper, is only an emergency one. In the sense that it would be applied only if, actually, problems were found on the booking system. Theoretically, with the SPID and the other electronic identification systems, they should not arise in hitches.

Health card, the crux of the chip: this is what could happen

The goal, in essence, is to avoid that the system runs into some setbacks. Councilor D’Amato has in fact made it known that the booking system, even with health cards without a chip, should not encounter too many difficulties. The only exceptions could concern those who use the Health Card in a reader but, again at a statistical level, it should be an extremely limited number of people. However, the shortage of semiconductors remains.

The alarm was raised by Sogei and, right now, even in the face of a criticality absorbed all in all without too many worries, the risk of possible problems remains. The Ministry of Economy, in the face of the international crisis that has also involved this market, has therefore provided for the dissemination of a simplified health card.

In practice, the fact of having to use a card without a chip would not be a choice due to a step backwards in terms of technology, but a decision aimed at preventing any exaggerated shortages of the materials necessary for the realization of the microchips for Ts and Cns. All decided with the ministerial decree of 9 June 2022, which provides for the distribution of the “simplified” card.

A measure made necessary by the circumstances and which, apparently, is not only affecting our country. Furthermore, in the same decree it was possible to extend the validity of the use of the chip on cards already activated, until 31 December 2023. The lack of the chip, according to Sogei, does not however determine limitations in the use of the card. Nor, even less, “the request for the provision of services or drugs, and health care”. At least that’s good news.

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