Heart damage after the vaccination against Covid, a truth that pharmaceutical companies do not like


Heart damage after the vaccination against Covid, a truth that pharmaceutical companies do not like
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The calls for a vaccination against Covid have started again. Indeed, they have never stopped being disclosed.

But on the possibility of adverse effects how much do we talk? Most likely too much little. Vaccines against Covid have made a contribution to fight the disease, but they really are 100% safe?


There question is a musteven because of obligation (vaccination) we are still discussing, and rather animatedly too. Also let’s not forget that we are already at the fifth dose of what by now should no longer even be called a “vaccine”, but therapy.

They have passed almost three years since the Covid pandemicbut truth has never been one and only one. Indeed we are not dealing with a religion, but with medicines of recent invention. And therefore object (also) of possible defectswhich shouldn’t be underestimated or withheld, but if anything correctfor the good of the population that hires them.

As we know, no medicine is a magical elixir that gives us eternal life. No medicine is 100% safe. Although thanks to medicines, fortunately, millions of lives are saved every day.

Sui Experimental mRNA vaccinesHowever, the more time passes, the more new things emerge. And it is hoped that those who make the vaccines will take them into consideration. Here you are what has emerged from a recent study, and what has been disclosed for some time about some side effects.

Heart damage after the vaccination against Covid, a truth that pharmaceutical companies do not like

Also without wanting to question the validity of vaccinesa group of researchers interdisciplinaryUniversity and the University Hospital of Basel wanted to perform a test. This for check if people suffered heart damage after the vaccination.

Of the fact that the vaccination against Covid – as well as the disease itself – can cause inflammations such as myocarditis even in young people it is not new. As we argued in an article already last May, some studies would have found the correlation.

Let’s talk about a studio, for example Published on Naturewho denounced at the time a increasing number of cases of myocarditisand of heart problems in the young vaccinated. The research also highlighted a worrying increase in emergency cardiovascular events in the under 40 population in many countries.

Today, according to the Basel team of scientiststhere is the possibility of a “damage temporary and mild al cardiac muscleafter the first booster vaccination against Covid-19, more frequent than previously thought previously.

The study has not yet been published in scientific journals, but we find it in an article by RSI News Switzerlanda kind of ours RAI.

How the study took place and what surprised the scholars

The team of researchers, led by cardiologist Cristian Mullerhe used a type of very sensitive markers to look for “cardiac troponin”that is, the evidence of heart damage if in too high values ​​in the blood.

They have been analyzed 777 subjects, of which 540 womenafter three days of having received the booster vaccination. On 22 of these subjectsthe team of researchers found temporary and minor damage to the heart muscle. This corresponds to the 2.8% of the people tested. On the base of previous passive remarksresearchers they expected a percentage of 0.0035%or 35 out of 100,000 people vaccinated“.

THE damage above causes symptoms such as weakness, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. According to the cardiologist, these adverse effects are due to an excessive immune reaction or to concentration of mRNA present in vaccines. They were in fact identified between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 in vaccinated with Moderna (the one for young people ed)which contains more mRNA than Pfizer.

The cardiologist therefore states that annual vaccinations could cause minor damage. Damage that, however, according to current knowledge, they only partially regenerate. Again in the experiment conducted in Basel, in fact, the data is reported that in half of the women with high cardiac troponin values ​​returned to normal after a few days. But there is still the other half that did not have this “luck”.

The results of this study show that vaccines can and should be improvedin order to “avoid damage to the heart muscle”, as Muller concludes in his exposition of the study. The hope is that drug companies, as well as constantly reassure that vaccines are safealso take into account the evidence that is gradually emerging from various studies. Is that protect people’s health.

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(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies or publications in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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