Here are the only plants suitable for the New York style: 6 types confirmed by experts


Here are the only plants suitable for the New York style: 6 types confirmed by experts
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The New York style is inspired by the lofts of the Big Apple, by the views of Manhattan and above all by the modern style, but few know that to enrich and liven it up it takes an extra touch, that is the plants! Here are the ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful and practical ideas to give a touch of green to your apartment.

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Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

You are a fan of design and furniture, but you are curious about the subject sustainability? Do you want to renovate your home and maybe give a relaxing yet lively touch? There is no miraculous paint or magic piece of furniture to accomplish this.

The months spent at home stimulated the avant-garde designers who came to only one conclusion: it is possible decorate with plants. As long as you choose the right ones, even for a room or one New York style house.

Beautify a space like an apartment or a loft New York style it might seem like a paradox, since it comes up with neutral colors, modern furniture and especially views and glimpses of New York including skyscrapers or the view of brick buildings through huge windows.

Have some greenery in the house improves mood, reduces stress And gets better there air quality. Additionally, some plants appear to have the ability to reduce background noise. For this reason, the new trend in New York is just to decorate with plants!

But then, which plants to use and above all how to place them so that they receive light, water and have everything they need to survive? Below, here are some ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas dedicated to everyone, both for those with little time, little space or for those who, instead of a green thumb, have a black thumb.

Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

1. Kalanchoe

Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

Let’s start with one very versatile plant and ideal too to give color to a New York style. It’s about a fat plant present on the African territory, but also in Asia and Australia. It is not afraid of drought and is also perfectly suited to an indoor environment.

A loft in New York Style it could be embellished with one or more plants thanks to variety of colors of its inflorescenceswhich they vary from white to pink, to yellow, orange, red.

It loves light but not so much water, so watering should be scarce and only when the soil is completely dry. On the contrary, there is a risk of root rot and the plant, which already contains water in its leaves, would implode on itself.

If you don’t have spaceyou can safely take advantage of the heights and place some extra shelves around the windows. Maybe by recycling the wooden wine containers or fruit boxes. Combining wood with an exposed brick wall will give an extra scenographic effect.

2. Spathiphyllum

Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

The Spathiphyllum it’s very cool because it can get medium to large in no time and it does gods beautiful white flowers, as well as purifying the air from potentially harmful substances. One above all, the formaldehyde. Keep in mind that i flowers last for several weeks and then they will wither completely, but first they will change color to a leaf-like green, to become brown and dry.

It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, but we recommend removing the damaged leaves and withered flowers in order not to cause irreparable damage. Depending on the size of the seedlingyou can very well place it in front of a window or on a windowsill.

3. Pothos

Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

A plant that could solve the problem of lack of space. If you miss the floor and surfaces, it’s time for exploit the ceiling thanks to the special accessories for hanging plants.

Make sure you hang them well and that the vases aren’t too heavy and that’s it. But try not to get carried away, because one thing is to put a couple of plans, another is to transform the room into an urban jungle. With the Pothos, there is a risk, because it is impossible to kill and develops even in extreme conditions.

It indeed it survives even with very low light and even more scarce irrigation. In the bathroom, the Pothos will thrive and it will be necessary every now and then cut off the stems of the foliage or to repot the whole plant.

Alternatively, you can opt for its horizontal development and maybe place it on a ladder, so that the handrail is its trellis. It would be a beautiful scenographic effect and would give the most touch to the loft.

4. Fern

Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

It is a particularly decorative plant thanks to the shape of its leaves. Indeed, the foliage has the characteristic of being similar to stems that turn into frondsstarting from the center.

It is a plant ideal for embellishing a staircase or a New York style bathroom, especially because loves humidity. The leaves will stay hydrated for a long time and naturally. You could hang it, but also take advantage of the furniture and bathroom topsplacing it in a suitable vase.

Know that there is a popular belief that elects the fern as a symbol of good luck and wealth. Also, they were used to treat specific ailments, but we currently know that these plants are able to absorb large quantities of harmful substances present in the air. Fear not, it is not demanding: experts recommend trimming dry buds and constantly keep the soil moistbut not soaked.

5. Pilea Peperomioides

Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

Of Asian origins, it is known as the Coin Plant for the curious shape of its leaves. IS perfect in a bright New York-style loft, also because it tolerates temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees. It is not a demanding plant to care for as long as you remember to water it when the soil is really too dry, especially in hot weather.

If taken care of properly, it grows up to one meter in heightone thing to take into account for repotting and placement. Love the light so much: you will notice that it will tend to curve towards the light source and even if one part remains in the shade and the other illuminated by the sun’s rays, the latter will become thicker. Because of this, it is advisable to rotate the pot often and place it on the floor.

The solution for its location may show up before your eyes, if you are tired of seeing thatempty corner next to the sofa or in the bedroom. Because? To take advantage of the available space, place the Pilea now more than one meter high.

The New York-style spaces are well lit, and often the Large plants also help reduce background noise in the area where they are present. In short, you would have healthy and naturally purified air and muffled noises, a good deal!

6. Sansevieria

Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

Beautiful, resistant and highly appreciated as much as the Pothos because it is easy to care for and maintain. It is an evergreen plant and is best known as Mother-in-law’s tongue. Love heat and indirect light, but it is very afraid of air currents. Therefore, a solution would be to place it in the immediate vicinity of a disused window or French dooralso equipped with a light curtain, in order to filter the rays and not damage the foliage.

It should be watered when the earth in the pot is dry, but woe to do it directly on the collar, as it fears stagnation. Better to spray or put the water in a saucer. It is chosen above all by those who live in Manhattan and do you know why? It seems to be capable of eliminate carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide, formaldehyde, chloroform and other 107 pollutantsaccording to a study carried out by NASA.

Ideal plants for the New York style: 6 beautiful ideas

Gallery ideas and photos of plants ideal for the New York style

We hope these ideas, like those in the image gallery, will stimulate you and give you an idea of ​​how you can decorate a New York-style loft with plants. Try different solutions, because a New York-style house lends itself well to accommodate the varieties of plants described above.

Do you want to try putting plants in the bedroom, to take advantage of their benefits? Better to place them in one of the two bedside tables. There is a popular misconception that sleeping with plants can be dangerous as they produce carbon dioxide at night. True, they produce it, but in such small quantities that you won’t even notice. More than anything else, make sure you have enough light not to make them suffer from deficiencies and that the dimensions are appropriate, so as not to create discomfort instead of well-being.

Last suggestion we would like to give you: take into account if pets live with you, as some house plants turn out to be harmful to our furry friends. Ask your vet for advice.

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