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There are many scandals that over the years have invaded Buckingham Palace and the British Royal Family, but this is a fact that, after years, still does not have a certain answer. There is an illegitimate child in the family: is it true or not?

Scandal at Buckingham Palace –

Queen Elizabeth has seen so many in her long life: her reign has been scratched by several scandalsbut there is one in particular which still grips the Royal Family today.

It has long been rumored that a very prominent component is not really a legitimate child, but now other rumors are even talking about an exchange that took place at birth. Who are we talking about? Let’s find out together.

Prince Harry exchanged at birth? The new rumors attacking the royal family

We all know that Prince Charles of Englandbefore marrying the love of her life Camilla, he married Lady Dianatragically disappeared in the late 90s in an accident.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry –

Despite the thousand problems of their relationship, the royal couple had two children: heir to the throne William and Prince Harry.

The latter is now 34 years old and all this time many gossip have often insinuated that he wasn’t really Carlo’s songiven the little resemblance (according to some) with the father.

The fact that he has red hair, little resemblance to his brother and even to his mother, has led to suppose that Diana had been in an extra-marital affair.

The name of the suspect was also found: it is James Hewittthe former cavalry officer Diana admitted to having an affair with in the mid-1990s.

The former officer, however, has often stated that he is not Harry’s father, that his relationship with the princess took place two years after his birth, therefore mathematically impossible.

Many, especially some English tabloids, do not believe this version, but there has never been the possibility of being able to verify.

But according to a German weekly, the theory is still another.

Prince Harry traded in the hospital? The rumor is rampant, the doubt is getting stronger

As reported by the German weekly Freizeit Monat, who often finds himself analyzing English royal affairs, Prince Harry may have been mistaken at birth.

It seems, in fact, that the child might not really be Carlo’s son, but not Diana either. According to the weekly, at the hospital where the princess was admitted, a mistake may have been made by the attendants.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace –

The fact that the child, even just born, showed his red hair shocked Carlo who, it seems, exclaimed: “Oh my God but it’s red!”an astonished, almost incredulous phrase on the part of the prince.

Obviously, it is all guessworkalso because looking at him closely, Harry looks a lot like his father Carlo but also Queen Elizabeth, who will probably also be tired of hearing these constant gossip.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry seems perfectly serene with his new life: he now lives in California with his wife Meghan Markle, far from royal duties.

They live on a wonderful ranch, with their two children Lilibet and Archie, also now light years away from the real life that Harry had to live as a child.

Obviously, they are no longer officially part of the Royal Family but, despite the bewilderment of many, after the interview with Oprah we have clear that for them it is just fine.

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