High blood sugar, a five-minute walk after lunch is enough to ward off diabetes


High blood sugar, a five-minute walk after lunch is enough to ward off diabetes
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It takes less time than previously thought to keep blood sugar spikes at bay after eating. And if you really don’t have time, it’s better to stand up than sitting or lying down

To do four steps after a meal helps digest better. Studies have already shown that stroll around a quarter of an hour after lunch

or useful dinner a reduce blood sugar levels and consequently to ward off complications such as type 2 diabetes. It seems for that to
Even a few minutes of walking can lead to these benefits.

In a recent meta-analysis published in the journal Sports Medicine the researchers looked at seven studies who measured the effects of sitting, standing or walking heart health, insulin level and blood sugar levels. By comparing the results they found that a light walk after a meal, of just two to five minutes, has a significant impact on lowering blood sugar levels.

The soft walk

As the New York Times reports, in five studies examined, none had diabetes or pre-diabetes. The other two works involved people with or without diabetes. Participants were asked to stand or walk for 2-5 minutes every 20-30 minutes over the course of a full day. All seven studies have shown that just a few minutes of low-intensity walking after a meal was enough to significantly lower blood sugar levels comparedfor example, sitting at a desk or lying on the sofa. With a short walk it emerged that the changes in blood sugar were more gradual and for those with diabetes it is important to avoid sharp fluctuations in the blood sugar level to keep the disease under control.

Staying on your feet helped lower blood sugar levels, but not as much as walking slowly. In fact, walking requires a more active engagement of the muscles than being together, and the fuel that is entering the bloodstream is used. The muscles they absorb some of the excess glucosewith a more limited impact on the organism.

Walk within 90 minutes of eating

Although a light walk at any time is good for your health, a short walk within 60-90 minutes of eating a meal can be particularly helpful in minimizing blood sugar spikesas that’s when blood sugar levels tend to peak.

An ideal solution after lunch at work

granted that the mini walks turn out to be much easier during the working day. A two to three minute walk is more practical during the working day. People won’t get up and run on a treadmill or run around the office, but they might grab a coffee and even take a walk down the aisle says Aidan Buffey, a graduate of the University of Limerick, Ireland, and author of the review. Even those who work from home could walk around the block after lunch, or after a meeting via Teams before returning to sit at their desks. And if you really don’t have the time, to keep your blood sugar at bay standing for a while better than nothing.

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