Hikari Edizioni: the announcements of 30/05/2022


Hikari Edizioni: the announcements of 30/05/2022
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Below are all the announcements presented on May 30, 2022 by Hikari Editions live on our Twitch channel.

Jigoku no Senki – Variant Etna Comics

Yajima is a former police inspector who became a taxi driver in hopes of raising enough money to cover hospital bills for his daughter Maiko. The man leads a double life: when he stops leading his clients around the city, he takes on the role of professional hitman. Cold and calculating, through blood and violence he also seems to get rid of the anger he has towards the world.

Amon Saga


Amon is a young warrior who desperately tries to avenge his mother’s death. When the hunt for him takes him to the castle of Emperor Valhiss, Amun will have to endure the dangers of initiation and join the ranks of the imperial army for the opportunity to take revenge. But once in the heart of the fortified city, Amon unexpectedly meets Princess Lichia, the beautiful daughter of King Sem Darai. The Emperor hopes to exchange the princess for a map in the possession of the King, but the real objectives of the Emperor are still obscure …



A cold office worker constantly mocks her colleague for his mistakes, but secretly she is madly in love with him!



Shuhei Sakata was charged with the murder of his wife and daughter. The man, according to the reconstruction, after the murders would have attempted suicide, reducing himself to a vegetative state. In fact, the crime was perpetrated by some criminals. The man after fifteen years in a coma miraculously wakes up swearing to take revenge on the real culprits.

Unsung Cinderella


Midori Aoi, twenty-six, works as a pharmacist at a hospital. Although she cannot be considered a doctor or a nurse, she goes around the hospital to protect the daily lives of patients.

Cities and architecture

Questions and comments:

-The variant of Jigoku no Senki will be exclusive to Etna Comics

-We like variant, but we always try to avoid speculation. They are complicated to do, but we are working on getting more

-Saiyuki will be released on June 16 and will consist of 6 volumes

-The new issue of Gannibal comes out on June 9th along with JK Haru.

-Cinema will be out soon and they’ve got new works by Rokuda as well.

-Amon Saga will have a variant cover at Lucca Comics.

-Will you bring Japanese authors to Italy? Unfortunately it is not easy given the period, but let’s see if we can close something.

-Hana in September, Unsung cinderella in December

-Birdmen? The volumes are ready, everything will arrive little by little.

-In a few days the Ping Pong box will be available again

– Interested in other Matsumoto (Ping Pong) titles?

-Reprint of Aula adrift? We are working on it and preparing a slightly different edition.

-Leiji Matsumoto will also be reprinted

-Liddell and French materials? We do collaborations, but the translations are always from Japanese

– Will the Gannibal box also be available for those who have to buy only the 4th volume? Yup.

-When will Terrarium be released? Mid June. We want as many people to read it as possible and the delay is due to the change in format and price (the volume will be cheaper and will cost € 7.50).

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