Home gym: 10 ideas to furnish it


Home gym: 10 ideas to furnish it
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After studying or working how many times have you thought: “Ok, now I’m going to the gym”. And then you lost your desire to exercise between social media and an aperitif. A great classic: the solution? Set up a home gym. No, you can’t hide behind the excuses of who knows how much it costs, all those tools, oh my God where do I put them! Today it is possible buy everything online and have it sent straight home, remaining below the psychological threshold of 1000 euros: don’t you believe it? Here is the ultimate guide with i prices of all useful home gym equipment to have to stay fit.

How to set up a home gym

Before going into the specifics of home gym equipment to buy, in order to train even without attending a sports center, it is necessary to list some precautions on how to set up a gym at home in a functional way. First of all, the best thing would be to have a room available, so as not to have to close the tools every time after use and remain more enticed to exercise, always having everything ready available. That said, it may very well be one small gym in the house, who knows what spaces are not necessary, there are now equipment for all dimensions. In thinking about the home gym and its designtake into account that there should be at least one window in the room, to ensure good air circulation and pleasant natural lighting: if you need lamps, choose them with neutral or warm light.

More to know about the home gym

For do a home gym really professional, then, you could also consider the idea of ​​covering the floor with gods rubber panels to cushion the blows of any falls and have greater comfort during exercises on the ground. A fundamental thing to coordinate during training, maintain rhythm and concentration is music: the home gymtherefore, cannot be complete without a stereo or one smart TV hanging on the wall with which to listen to yours playlist favorite for training, or see some TV series. Finally, in the home gym among the tools, do not forget a wall mirror: consider it as a fundamental tool to regulate yourself regarding the correctness of your posture during the exercises. Excellent: so now here we are, here is the “shopping list” to complete a functional set-up of the home gym.

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Fitness Magnetic Treadmill

Home gym equipment: the treadmill

Let’s start the selection of best tools for setting up a home gym with him, the king of training: the treadmill. It might seem the heaviest investment, however, thanks to the spread of commerce on the Net, which also makes equipment available to everyone that might seem prohibitive, today it is possible to buy treadmills at a excellent relationship between quality and price: just like the Diadora Fitness Fortyamong the most popular and sold on Amazon.

Home gym equipment: the exercise bike

Let’s say you won’t be the only ones using your loved one small gym in the house: maybe some exercise would be good for the parents’ back, while for brothers and sisters the private gym would certainly be a great attraction. In this case it is better to bet on versatile toolshow the exercise bike with wide back and seat from Ultrasport: a pivotal tool for warming up and keeping circulation active.


unisex gym rowing machine

Home gym equipment: the rowing machine

There is no denying it, however train the whole bodya rowing machine can not miss in the home gym: now they exist models for all budgets. Among the best of the moment, in prompt delivery on Amazonthere is that of High Power, two hydraulic pistons that allow you to better manage the effort.

Home gym equipment: the abdominal bench

You must know that train your abs it is important: it is not just about reaching the legendary “six pack”, the aesthetic question is secondary to that of good posture, therefore to health. Exercising this zone, in fact, has effects benefits on the whole organism and on the backbeing the center of gravity of the body. The abdominal benchtherefore, it is a must of the home gym and the one for sale on Amazon that we suggest you buy is among the favorites of the users of the e-commerce site, who have already purchased it and positively reviewed. It’s about a folding flat benchso if you have any space problems you can easily store it.

Home gym equipment: weights

THE weights in the gym they are like cheese on macaroni: ok, take your mind off carbohydrates and focus on the fact that thanks to Amazon today it is possible to have one at home huge range of resistors to train the upper limbs in combination with different body positions. For your home gym, the tools that we suggest, for the type in question, are those BCBIG: follow the trend of multitasking And from dumbbells can become a barbell in an instant.

Home gym equipment: the step

Muscle power is nothing without cardio exercise: or rather, there is a lot of risk without an adequate warm-up that prepares the body and muscle tissues for effort. So here it is step becomes the most versatile tool: it helps during the most exercises simple and kind until the pace increases: try this one of Reebok.


Cast iron kettlebell, 10 kg

Home gym equipment: kettlebells

They are now seen everywhere, but what are the kettlebell? I’m gear useful for both train your musclesboth for use in cardiovascular workouts focused on mobility. In reality these are weights known since ancient times, already in Ancient Greece, and must be used increasing the load over time, performing lifts and oscillations. Those proposed here are Amazon Basicsamong the best sellers on the well-known platform, in high quality cast iron and with anti-slip handle.

Home gym equipment: the balance board

Really an element not to be underestimated and to have in the home gym is the balance board: as well as being useful for the muscle strengtheningacts onequilibrium and is often involved in lower limb rehabilitation exercises. This of SportPlus has the non-slip surface.


Resistance Fitness Bands Set

Home gym equipment: fitness bands

Among the most useful accessories for the home gym is the multidisciplinary fitness to do at home there are no doubt the fitness bands like the 11 pieces Jateka which, to a really low priceallow you to warm up and train arms, shoulders, back And legs to different resistances. During the lockdown on Amazon they were always sold out, it’s time to take advantage of them.


Professional Yoga Mat

Home gym equipment: the mat

There is no gym without a exercise mat: also useful for fitness and the free body, this of TechFit has a comfortable thickness of 10 mmis anti-slip, easy to clean And non-toxic. Also you can carry around thanks to the practical handle: outdoor exercises? Why not.

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